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Submitted by Mean Fox, posted on February 16, 2002

Image Description, by Mean Fox

Thought I would submit an IOTD update for my 3D screensaver "World Saver 3D", that made IOTD back in October.

World Saver 3D looks somewhat better now. In the latest version, I have just added moving fractal clouds, geostationary viewpoints, "time acceleration", and a few other enhancements.

The fractal clouds just use random midpoint displacement - very fast, but clearly inferior to other techniques such as Perlin noise.

Look forward to receiving any feedback (yes, I know everyone wants to see the moon too!)

Mean Fox

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February 17, 2002, 04:09 PM

I installed it and it looked very cool! The only real problem I saw with it was that the clouds moved kinda "funky-ly" on higher speeds... you don't notrice it really when it's slower but when it speeds up it just looks kind of weird- like it's following a pattern. Very unnatural looking. Also, the clouds were kind of "pasted" to the surface of the planet- they should be a little bit elevated from the surface. Other than that, it's great! Excellent work!

Jeff Olson

February 17, 2002, 04:31 PM

laugh, you tell them warren ;)

*shakes head*

Jeff Olson

February 17, 2002, 04:43 PM


Very nice options, graphics are fun to play with(can't decide which I like best, NASA or Normal!! GRR!) and the city name thing is really spiff. Good job! :)


February 18, 2002, 03:26 AM

I also noticed this mistake...the clock at the top of the screensaver was correct, but the moment that the city I live in was in the middle of the screen, the hour along the bottom was off by one.

Neil Edelman

February 18, 2002, 09:55 AM

Edmonton just isn't big enough to show up in the world list of important cities (like Calgary) :P. I agree that meteor showers and satellites etc. would be a neat touch. More realistic clouds would look nice too as an option for faster computers (not mine.) Good job.


February 18, 2002, 02:33 PM

The irony of course is that he won't read the response to his post either.


Mean Fox

February 19, 2002, 04:00 AM

I don't take into account time zones nor daylight savings time. The time at the bottom is approximate.

Cheers -

Mean Fox


February 20, 2002, 09:36 AM

What _would_ make it look more realistic though, would be an atmosphere :))


Bemmu Sepponen

March 02, 2002, 12:52 PM

The first thing I noticed was that the scrollytext in the upper part of the screen kept blinking. Odd seeing a beautifully rendered earth and a blinky scrollytext in the same view!

Other than that, it looks great.

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