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Submitted by Thomas v. Treichel, posted on January 07, 2002

Image Description, by Thomas v. Treichel

Code Creatures is a new Game Development System with State of tomorrow technology. On the screenshots you see the first demo done with CodeCreatures. Some informatuion about the demo content:
  • Using Vertex-Shader for the animated Gras
  • Using Vertex Shader for the realistic Sky-Dome with correct Atmosphear- calculating
  • 250.000 - 300.000 Polygons per View
  • aprox. 35.000 Polys per Tree
  • Right now it runs up to 15.000.000 Polygons per second on a P IV 1.5 Ghz
  • More information about codecreatures you can get at


    Thomas v. Treichel

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    January 07, 2002, 02:23 PM

    I just happend to notice that the editor was created in Borland C++ Builder 5 :). Is the engine also compiled with Borland C++ Builder? (I don't think so but I can ask can I :) (probably VC++ (duh))

    Rasmus Christian Kaae

    January 07, 2002, 02:28 PM

    Hmm. i'd bet this isn't realtime, looks to good for that!


    January 07, 2002, 02:31 PM

    Yeah, in PC Games or Gamestar

    Philipp Schaefer

    January 07, 2002, 02:32 PM

    In both, if I remember well.


    January 07, 2002, 02:36 PM

    yep the editor is written in borland builder
    engine with vc++ 6


    January 07, 2002, 02:39 PM

    cool picture!
    i downloaded the engine video, but i can't see the promised polycount.
    i expect 24 fps that means 625.000 polys per frame..
    the scene looks like the half..
    not compareable to your iotd - awesome shot!

    I'm very curious about a demo!


    January 07, 2002, 02:41 PM

    The IOTD is very pretty looking indeed, but I was just wondering what kind of performace do you get when its not just a terrain (like with AI, physics, etc). Framerate seems more imporant to me than telling us how many polys a second you can achieve on a NV25, which im pretty sure is not out yet, but could be wrong. For example, at any point on that terrain scene, can you notice when stuff is loading, little twitches in the framerate, is it at least a steady pace above 30 fps. I tried to find that out on your site but all I could figue out was that it costs $100,000, and uses DX8. Could you release more specific performace and features information? Right now the engine seems more like a brute-force scenegraph rendering a high poly terrain, am I wrong?

    Thomas von Treichel

    January 07, 2002, 02:42 PM

    Hi, to answer (most of) the questions :-)

    Mr Devlin: The trees are modells
    daveperman: we will support d3d & ogl
    MK42: yes, you saw the screens in a german magazin - at the PC-Action and the PC-Games where some shots
    stoo: yes, we were this at ECTS - and we're still working on the solution :-)
    Rasmus: it IS realtime :-)

    Wim Libaers

    January 07, 2002, 02:43 PM

    The name on the forum can stay, the heart has to go >:->

    Seriously, just imagine if everyone started doing that. Poor modem users ;-)

    And about being unfair against other people... Don't take it personal, it's just a hobby ;-)

    On a more serious note, I wouldn't be surprised if half of this IOTD thread gets nuked by the moderators, and it'd be a perfectly reasonable thing to do too. That's a more serious reason for not posting images here, many people feel it is inappropriate and will complain. Just like posting small binaries on usenet, or quoting too much, or using an excessively long sig. Nearly everyone can afford the bandwidth to download it, and a few lines in a sig don't matter much, but it's still considered NOT DONE, and you'll be told so (or end up in a flamewar if you persist. Not that I'd want that to happen, but I'm not the only one here). Really, no problem with posting images on the forum, but posting your own in someone else's IOTD is a bit inappropriate. The image was on-topic in the thread about that function, can you keep it there? Please?

    Matthew Morrow

    January 07, 2002, 02:49 PM

    Post up a real time demo!



    January 07, 2002, 03:09 PM

    W O W ! !

    Awesome, I just saw the grass waving in those movies!!

    Yikes! /me goes back coding, I can do much better than this!!


    January 07, 2002, 03:12 PM

    40-50 fps?

    250,000 - 300,000 pg's per view

    P4 1.5ghz throughputs 15,000,000 pg's a second.

    so im guessing 40-50fps?


    January 07, 2002, 03:12 PM

    oki you guys, you won, i give up.. the pics removed and i even uploaded a 1x1 pic so if you reload there is no heart anymore on flipcode.. are you happy now? i guess yes.. nice..

    oh well, now you have shit on my day, on my work etc.. i dont take it personal but i'm personally taken anyways.. fine.. thanks..

    Philipp Schaefer

    January 07, 2002, 03:15 PM

    15.000.000 through 300.000 (I take the worsed case) = 50 fps afaik ;-)


    January 07, 2002, 03:15 PM

    just one last thing.. its called
    not daveperman.. nothing to do with man and men, its a NAME


    January 07, 2002, 03:22 PM

    ok... where have you shot the photo??? ;)


    January 07, 2002, 03:29 PM

    you need a real fireplace for a real hearth..


    January 07, 2002, 03:30 PM

    Some noticed that the grass was moving but the trees wherent! (on the movie)

    Wim Libaers

    January 07, 2002, 03:42 PM

    I'm afraid that for most of us there won't be much realtime in such a demo. I'm using a P3 450 and a TNT2. If the demo is made with a tenth of the polycount and at a quarter of the size of their website, it might come close to being realtime ;-)


    January 07, 2002, 03:45 PM

    if it is the reality you say, than it is the best engine of the world at the moment ;)


    January 07, 2002, 04:27 PM


    the video was rendered at 1fps, and played back at 24fps.
    no demo, NO PROOF.

    here is a quote from voodooextreme that puts this engine into perspective, "nearly 450 million people use PCs that run at 700 MHz or less."



    January 07, 2002, 04:54 PM

    You're saying that those are not photographs? Get outta here! :)


    January 07, 2002, 05:09 PM

    But ma lord !!!



    January 07, 2002, 05:10 PM

    Even if you don't achieve this quality in real-world-applications (which I'm pretty sure of) this is very impressive. You need one solid engine/content-manager/content-creation-software to create, manage, animate and show *THAT* scene!


    January 07, 2002, 05:20 PM


    2 things :

    a) Where the heck did you read it was for a NV25 ? I passed through all messages here and I didn't read it. On their website, it's stated that the engine runs on a GF3...

    b) 10 Mill. Tris is less than the half of what a GF3 can handle (at least Bench5, the NVidia Benchmark, states a throughput of 22 Mill.). I'm currently developing an engine too and my current throughput is 32256 tris (textured and shaded (ambient and directional light) ) at ~400 FPS (which makes 12.9 Mill tris per second). Unlit, my peak is 17.5 Mill Tris...

    Also, on their website it's stated that the engine always runs above 13 FPS...

    Don't get me wrong... the engine is very impressive (as is the U2 and Doom Engine) but sometimes it's so easy to state things...


    January 07, 2002, 05:36 PM

    Yeah nice, but what do you do if the gamer deosn't have a cluster of 50 AMD XP 1900+ machines with GF3 each?


    January 07, 2002, 05:48 PM

    Heh, when I first viewed this page they said something about the NV25 in the demo information, and then there was a post from one of the authors about that the specs hadn't anything to do with the speed of the NV25, weird :)


    January 07, 2002, 06:01 PM

    It's nice to see some great stuff from Germany, again. I recommend the downloads from the codecult page to everyone, the engine video is absolutely amazing. Greetings to Ham & Biggs ;)

    Timothy Barnes

    January 07, 2002, 06:02 PM

    Someone help! I wet my pants!

    Laurent MASCHERPA

    January 07, 2002, 06:42 PM

    Just the best cg realtime images I've ever seen yet. It gives an idea of what we'll find on computers in about 2 years.
    In some ways, the editor reminds me some farb-rausch tool i saw recently ;) Maybe for the next sixty four k there will be grass, procedural trees and such, not impossible.

    Anyway, good work code-cult...

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