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Submitted by Alexander Vrublevsky, posted on December 10, 2001

Image Description, by Alexander Vrublevsky

Here are a couple of shots from my game-engine. The engine is in the development but it’s features are:
  • BSP/PVS/Active zone
  • Colored static & dynamic light
  • Collision detection
  • Vertex deformation
  • Volumetric fog
  • Texture animation (shader system)
  • Particle system
  • Bezie splines
  • Basic scripting support
  • Basic physic
  • Basic GUI
  • Sound engine
  • the next things I want to implement are
  • Shadow volume
  • multi-environment integration (landscape + space sim. + etc.)
  • multiplayer support
  • improve script system
  • improve physics
  • Realtime algorithmic texture engine
  • Mirror/Portal surfaces
  • I’ve just released the first public preview of my Taurus engine. Taurus engine homepage is at There you can find more screenshots and more detailed information about the engine.

    Alexander Vrublevsky

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    December 10, 2001, 05:34 PM

    Looks really neat!, so I don't agree with Rasmus that this is boring


    December 10, 2001, 05:37 PM

    Excellent I hope my engine will be that good


    December 10, 2001, 06:01 PM

    Ramus: uh..what's the point? I eager to see your "somewhere-between-indoor-and-outdoor" engine. You could call it "The InWalls Engine"...
    or the "Void" engine which renders nothing...pretty cool indeed, but too easy to implement


    December 10, 2001, 06:35 PM

    Rasmus... this is a site about Game Programming, and if you're game happens to be a 3d Real Life type game I'm alittle concerned for it if it doesn't use an indoor OR outdoor engine. Sure, we see alot of the same types of things here, but personally I'd prefer that than an IOTD that updates every two years because someone has done something groundbreaking. Let people have their 15 minutes of fame and the opportunity to have the community help with ideas and bugs. It's invaluable to get non-biased opinions of your work, and here is the place to get it.

    Alexander... You have used alot of other people textures it seems. At the very least that lion head is from Q3A :). That being said... great work. For all us poor solo programmers working on engines in our spare time we can't be expected to create ALL the content ourselves aswell (besides, the better part of programmers suck at art :P). Love the particles! Good job.


    December 10, 2001, 07:02 PM

    That's nice programmers art... ;)

    IMHO, I think it's ok to use other games/artists artwork while developing a game/engine. Why? 'cause you get pretty bored while creating yer gorgeous engine with yer own artwork.

    Alas it should be mentioned somewhere in yer credits, and certainly replaced before used in anything commercial (or interactive at all IMHO)

    Oh, btw... could ya gather up those textures and make 'em available in a zip-file or something, so I can use 'em in my own engines (whilst testing only, ofcourse)

    Impressive level design (if you indeed did it yerself). Well balanced (although the torches in the middle right image are a tad bit to close to the wall IRL)

    Ron Frazier

    December 10, 2001, 09:46 PM

    First off, it ran great (P3 450, 320MB, GF2 64MB). 60 FPS the entire time EXCEPT for when fog was in view (then it dropped into the teens).

    Next, it looks great. I too am curious if you made the levels, and if so, using what tool.

    Finally, what are you doing for the dynamic lighting. I saw some "reflection/glare" on the floors and walls, but it was immediately obvious that it wasnt correct. Are you just faking it with some type of glare texture that you are using as an environment map (judging by the way it strectches, I would guess spherical env mapping) applied using some arbitrary/random texgen or something?


    December 10, 2001, 09:54 PM

    That is nice programmer art, but Pikachu is still cooler, though.



    December 10, 2001, 10:07 PM

    Don't write your own scripting engine. Just don't.
    There's tons available, but I personally like LUA
    because it's powerful enough, very small, and drops
    into any program with minimal fuss.

    David Notario

    December 10, 2001, 11:48 PM

    macaw, you're a troll even in flipcode...

    get a life dude!

    Alexander Vrublevsky

    December 11, 2001, 02:24 AM

    I am again...

    First of all:

    1) All levels was created using Q3Radiant, than compiled with Quake3A Tools and than converted to my internal format (it adds zoning to level and possibility of different engine types integration)
    2) Yes, all of these 2 levels are created by myself (especially "chest" level I recreated for 4 or 5 times :)
    3) "Chest" level don't use any dynamic lights. Ron, you just sot a environment map that are blended on floor :)
    4) As for scripting engine -- now I try to integrate a Python into my engine (some comments about that?)
    5) DEVLiNG and other who want use any art from my demo -- you may get it from "Textures" folder of Taurus demo (PAK's are just zip-files :)

    Maybe you noted that all demo (exe+dll's) are compiled in debug mode and speed of fog/dynamic lighting rendering is very slowdowned!

    Anyway, thanks

    Rasmus Christian Kaae

    December 11, 2001, 02:34 AM

    Do I know you?

    But if you guys see the meaning of having 1million Q3-engines in this world, then by all means, go ahead (I cant stop you guys even if I wanted to).


    December 11, 2001, 02:43 AM

    first of nice iodt!

    could you say i bit about dynamic lightning.
    i mean how do you have implemented it.
    i`ve done it myself, but if there are a few lights eg. 5-8
    the framerate drops down half. so i would like to know how to speed it up.

    the "zone" thing sounds also interesting. it is kind of what q3 calls areas?

    Alexander Vrublevsky

    December 11, 2001, 03:08 AM

    Dynamic lighting... algorithm:

    1) for each visible face find all lighting sources that can touch it
    2) calc a on-face radius of each light source, its color and than you just recalculate lightmap for this face
    3) when all visible faces was recalculated you must update your lightmaps into accel memory

    Zones are very similar to areas in q3, but they are more powerfull. It mean that you can change many parameters for each zone. It includes physical params, ambient lighting, sound environment, linking between outdoors and indoors areas and other useful things :)


    December 11, 2001, 06:55 AM

    I know that I just want to make one Quake 3 style engine, however, there seem to be a lot of people out there who think similarly. It's true, I would rather write a Quake 5 style engine, but that seems a little far-fetched for my first project.

    Give the guy a break. It's called learning.


    Rasmus Christian Kaae

    December 11, 2001, 08:01 AM

    I wasn't exactly aiming at the author of this IOTD more generally. It just seems pretty stupid that everyone goes mainstream with their coding. Like "q3-engines are hot, i want one too" or "landscape engines are hot, i want one too", etc etc.


    December 11, 2001, 12:02 PM

    I have to admit that there are quite a few good scripting languagse already available - LUA is an excellent example. However you can't beat the experience of writing your own scripting language. I'm almost done with mine; it's called SHilScript (yeah, i need a better name) and it looks a lot like Javascript (if you want to get picky, it's really typeless C.) It's incredible how much one learns about compilers and lexical analysis and such writing one... I highly recommend it to anyone who's up to the challenge :)


    December 11, 2001, 09:57 PM

    I beleive people are doing Q3 engines and/or outdoor engines because they don't require building a full featured map editor. There are many map editors which are free out there to try out things...and an height map editor is very easy to build. So most of the time can be spent coding the engine itself


    December 12, 2001, 10:59 AM

    I didn't immediately see it as fog (in the upper-right pic) -- I thought that it was snow accumulated in the corner.


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