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Submitted by Vianney Lecroart, posted on November 19, 2001

Image Description, by Vianney Lecroart

These screenshots was taken from our game (Ryzom, a MMORPG) developed by Nevrax ( using NeL (Nevrax Library). NeL is our GNU GPL library ( used to develop our program. It contains a 3d engine, ai engine, network engine, sound engine and lot of other features. It is multiplateform and is developped under win32 and linux. For the moment, NeL uses OpenGl and OpenAl.

The 3d engine handle indoor and outdoor scene with totaly different algorithms (On screenshot, you see only outdoors scene).

Landscape features:
  • Landscape texture mapping at a constant 1.5cm/ texel, with the possibility of a second complete additive texture layer.
  • The landscape is mapped with tile textures using smooth material transitions.
  • Bezier patch landscape modeling gives NeL enormously more flexibilty than traditional height fields. NeL supports vertical faces, overhangs, and so on.
  • An incremental ROAM-like algorithm is used to provide adaptive subdivision of the landscape based on distance from the camera, steepness, etc.
  • Geomorphing is used between LODs (levels of detail) to eliminate popping. It is computed with a vertex program.
  • Landscape colouring effects include vertex colouring and application of pre-calculated shadow maps (with soft shadow and radiosity like alg).
  • Landscape is dynamicaly streamed into memory with background loading
  • Displacement maps (also known as geometric noise) is used at tesselation time. These are taken into account during lightmap generation which means that they can still be 'seen' at low levels of detail
  • A complete set of 3dsmax modifier and exporter plugins is available to edit the landscape.
  • For other 3d features, take a look on

    For other NeL features and docs:

    Nevrax Team

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    November 20, 2001, 09:16 PM

    Hm true, I suppose even the best current Amiga configuration would render these scenes quite slowly :)
    The best graphic card we have ATM is the Voodoo 3.
    Hopefully we'll have Matrox, ATI Radeon, Permedia 3 and maybe NVidia based graphic cards support in a few months, on a correct PPC config (min G3 @ 350 MHz).
    But until this is really available, I'll keep working on my 3D racing game on this slow PPC 603e @ 210 MHz + Permedia 2 ;)

    (oh, BTW, there is an Amiga emulator for x86 PCs -called Amithlon- that uses Linux drivers to access the graphic cards... so you could have an AmigaOS 3D accelered program displaying on any graphic card supported by Linux, I think. But I'm not planning to use it.. rather the Pegasos motherboard :

    Neil Edelman

    November 21, 2001, 10:59 AM

    I love the water in the top-right shot. Can't see any other water (is that green stuff in the middle shot supposed to be some? The gamma on this monitor is a bit off.) The large objects in the distance add a lot to the whole scene, and I would like to see more of that sort of finishing touch in other terrain engines.


    November 23, 2001, 07:56 PM

    reminds me of sacrifice, wonder if they got any of there surreal visions from there, eg massive wacked out trees in the terrain ala persephone sacrifice maps

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