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Submitted by XycsoscyX, posted on October 31, 2001

Image Description, by XycsoscyX

This shot is from the newest version of GEK Blocks. I posted an earlier version of this game a while ago (it used a 2D orthographic mode for graphics, though this time the game is 3D). The tiles are smooth cubes (like chicklets, yummy), and lit, with the mouse position being the light source. There is also a red specular spike to the tiles, giving them a nice look. The tiles glow when selected, and the randomizer tiles spin around as they change. The game itself is lacking of an interface, but I wanted to post it so people could tell me what they think, and so finally people could download the previous version. My last post I wasn't able to get the files uploaded anywhere, but I finally have my site up and running again, so it's available for downloading. The game itself is working, you can see what it's supposed to be like. I am adding a better score display, and a main menu, currently. This time around the tiles move smoothly too, previously they just popped down into the new positions, this time they fall into place.

The engine itself works much smoother than previous versions, this time using an object oriented approach (again) that seems to work nicely. It's seperated into four sections, the core, math, input, and rendering libraries. All are static libraries, the core and math being idependant of any thing, and the input and rendering libraries relying on the core and math libraries. I am working this time to seperate the game engine from the display engine, trying to make the base as stable as I can (which I always seemed to rush before). The source for the engine and game are available, and documented using DoXygen, with CHM files available for download (and HTML documents available for online browsing).

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October 31, 2001, 02:19 PM

Hey, really interesting shoot.
I like very much the textured blocks, and i'll download all the documentations about it !
I hope many others developers will be encouraged to publish their source codes and documentations too :) !
Open Source Rulez :) !



October 31, 2001, 02:52 PM

implement shadow casting :)

neat game

Bodo Pfeifer

October 31, 2001, 03:39 PM

After starting the program I get an exception:

GEKvX Software Exception

Method: CGEKInput
Locate: (26) gekinputsourcecgekinput.cpp

Message: Unable to Create DirectInput v7.0 Device

after clicking the 'Finish' button, the program crashes

Win 2000 Pro
1.2 Thunderbird
1.5 GB RAM
GF 3
DX 8.0a SDK


October 31, 2001, 04:55 PM

Ups, you have exceeded your allocated data transfer at geocities, so the link is broken.


October 31, 2001, 05:06 PM

Appearances of the NeHe crate have become quite rare lately... =P


October 31, 2001, 05:34 PM

where do you live? i'm stealing your pc ;)

Oscar Rydberg

October 31, 2001, 05:36 PM


In the bottom shot to the left, there's quite a lot of light hitting the fortunate blocks, while the lonely wall behind is in danger of the "nordic lack of light depression" phenomenon (common in the northern part of the globe)...

Do You have plans to let the wall join the community of light reflectors, or does the wall impose a visual mayhem when influenced by some photons?

Ps.I could opt for the fact that the wall is way behind the blocks, but that was not my immediate impression.

Other than that, great to something different!

Cheers from a cold, dark, rainy and windy Sweden


October 31, 2001, 06:01 PM


Timothy Barnes

October 31, 2001, 06:47 PM

Take that doom3!


October 31, 2001, 11:44 PM

Actually, the lower left shot is what happens when you select blocks (I just use addative blending so they light up). The background is just an unlit poly, I figured it was better than a black background, and it's nice to use the Holy Crate texture. Bodo, sadly I've had someone run an older demo on Win2k and it crashed too, but I'm not sure why (though the exception might help me track it down, since I assumed before that it was a problem with Direct3D, not DirectInput), buuuut, above and beyond that, do you have DirectX7 installed? (though if I remember Win2K comes with it, so you should). And lastly, GeoCities sucks, but it's all I have at the moment, I am looking into getting my own domain currently, but for now I have to suffer with free GeoCities (though since it's free and no more popups, I'm not really complaining). I take it as a compliment that I've exceeded 3GB a month though. =) I'd be suprised to exceed 3KB a month.

Jason Kozak

November 01, 2001, 12:07 AM

Yet another site has been flipcoded... seemslike I won't get to see it in action just yet. Looks great though!


November 01, 2001, 12:34 AM

Also, in ammendment to the info I first stated. The most recent upload of the game is a bit more visually appealing, the current score/etc is displayed in a small box when you right click the mouse, and I've added sounds. Just basic stuff, I wanted to reimplement my sound routines and it's a nice start.

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