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Submitted by Daniel Zuidinga, posted on October 03, 2001

Image Description, by Daniel Zuidinga

I am a 18 year old student from Germany. In the 12th level we have to do a scientific work - the so called Facharbeit. My task was to code an application which simplifies the measurement and displaying of electric potentials in an electrolytical trough.

On the upper left picture you can the see the main application (coded with Delphi/DelphiX) which controls the hardware over the serial interface (upper right pictures). The program grabs a raster-scan of the electrical potential distribution and displays it in a two-dimensional way on the screen. Morevover the application allows the user to restore the errors of measurement and to display the measurement result in different ways (colors, frames, text...).

On the lower right image you can see a three dimensional projection of the measurement results. It is displayed by an external viewer which i coded quick and dirty with Delphi and WdirectX.

Finally, in the upper left corner, you can see a measurement which i edited with Photoshop. It should show the electrical potential distribution in a classical way with the so called potential-lines.

You can get more informatoin about my scientific work on (only in German!)

I would be pleased if i get feedback ;-)

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October 04, 2001, 07:48 AM

for the record, it's "vee hav aur vaayz"


October 04, 2001, 08:29 AM

Would that be Worcester Polytechnic Institute? I was considering going there for Computer Sciences, but I instead chose to go to UMASS because I got a very nice scholarship.

Of course, the education here at UMASS:Amherst is pitiful, so I'm considering transfering...



October 04, 2001, 08:41 AM

studiert einer von euch vielleicht in ulm? da fang ich nämlich jetz dann an...cya


Alexander Blach

October 04, 2001, 08:54 AM

Jeder studiert ja woanders... eigentlich schade.

Daniel Zuidinga_

October 04, 2001, 09:01 AM

It looks more complicate than it is!
If you understand the basics of physics you will know what a voltage (I hope this is the English word *G*) is; and in this measurement I simply grab the Voltage distribution in an electrolytical trough. That´s all guys :-) I am not as intelligent as some people hear think :-/

Daniel Zuidinga_

October 04, 2001, 09:07 AM

Hehe. Aber deswegen kann dir der Lehrer doch keine 11 Punkte geben?
Ich gehe mal davon aus, dass du die Fragen richtig beantwortet hast. Nur weil du mal "Kopschmerzen", "Magenschmerzen" oder "Durchfall" hattest, kann er die doch keine schlechtere Note geben :-)


October 04, 2001, 09:12 AM

My MQP is called the Physical Object Interaction Modeler (POIM).

The idea is developed off of a series of theories on physical object representation.

Currently, the premise is to design dynamic bodies of mass (using a series of point masses linked together with bonding surfaces) and simulate the physics of the system.

Our end-project will be a pool table using these dynamic objects.

The reason we are making these objects dynamic is to account for deformations, object rotation (including internal rotation), and realistically simulating stress tolerance.

For more information on this project, you can visit: (although the site is currently a work in progress due to the fact that I am the 2nd busiest person on the WPI campus ;) )

This should also be published through the WPI Game Development Club (also my pet project). You can learn more about the WPI GDC by visiting

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know :)

Daniel Zuidinga_

October 04, 2001, 09:13 AM

hear = here



October 04, 2001, 09:15 AM

Yes, this is Worcester Polytechnic Institute :)

I chose WPI primarily for its project oriented environment and its small campus. I'm currently enrolled in a series of upper-level courses which, suffice it to say, have finally begun to challenge me.

The one thing about WPI that makes it a little hard to swallow is the 7 week terms. What most people learn in 15 weeks, we learn in 7.

All in all, its a good school. If you decide to switch, let me know. For that matter, if you're ever up this way, drop me a line :)

Considering that I've already posted my somewhat discombobulated website up there... and I've already half given away my e-mail ;)


Tobias Franke

October 04, 2001, 01:34 PM

Heyho Sebastian, mal einer in meiner Nähe! Ich bin an der FH. Die TU war zwar auch ne Option, allerdings werden ja jetzt die angelsächsischen Titel auf der FH angeboten, naja und da dachte ich mir ich machs mir einfach =) Das mit dem Treffen klingt gut, schreib mir mal 'ne Mail damit wir was arangieren können.

Hier war letztens mal ein Thread von den Ami's, die wollten auch ein größeres Meeting planen, vielleicht kriegen wir das ja auch mal an einem Tag "deutschlandweit" hin...

Alexander Blach

October 04, 2001, 02:30 PM

Wäre auf jeden Fall mal eine Idee.

Vielleicht kann Kurt mal ein Announcement machen und irgendwer macht ne Webseite oder so....

oder wir benutzen einfach das Forum :-)


October 04, 2001, 05:17 PM


Facherbeit... At work... I call the difficult bits the f**ker bits... thought you might be er... refering to that.

*hangs head in shame*


October 04, 2001, 06:42 PM

I can't believe everyone has met Germans with poor english. Every single German I have run into has spoken English better than I can. It's a shame, I walk down the hallway at my school and hear horrible english "dat [be] tru (linking verbs are now optional)" and I turn to the german student following me around for the day and he says "Man, I cannot understand one word spoken from you americams."

It's so funny how he is taught Proper Queen's English and he comes here fluent in a completely different language. To end the story, I haven't met a german with poor english skills yet.


October 05, 2001, 04:44 AM

Mail habe ich dir ja schon geschickt. So ein Treffen wäre doch mal was cooles. Muß ja gar nicht riesig sein, aber gerade in einer Uni-Stadt müßten doch ein paar Leute zu finden sein, die einigermaßen regelmäßig flipcode besuchen, oder?


October 05, 2001, 05:30 AM

Good work, impressive !

Adam Hoult

October 06, 2001, 06:45 AM

Heh, I always find these types of discussions interesting. Being English myself, and personally not being able to speak another language (apart from a minute amount of French, and also Spanish and German numbers ;), I find it amazing when people make fun of someone (i.e. from Germany) who has trouble writing / speaking in the English language. I can guarantee that in most cases, they are writing / speaking in English, better than the other can write / speak in German (if at all) ;) I also find it very amusing that a vast majority of the Natively English speaking world (this is NOT a sweeping statement, there are always exceptions) when they are away on vacation to a non-english speaking country, they tend to expect the general public to speak to them in English (and COMPLAIN when they actually TRY, and they can't understand them!) :)

Anyway enough of my rambling.

Just wanted to post my congrats, and keep up the great work :)

You can run, but you'll just die tired.


October 08, 2001, 02:53 PM

Dude it's like, here in the Netherlands, we don't have subtitles and we watch (M)TV like all the time and that way we just sort of learn this very good english 'n stuff. And we have these compu-things and the innerweb thay provide all the english we want. But software is translated more and more and then the pretty english is trashed more and more and that like sucks.

Yeah, Gasbag-->


October 09, 2001, 11:32 AM

It'll be a sad day indeed when the world learns all about America from MTV and Jerry Springer. Oh wait... ;-)

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