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Submitted by Jetro Lauha, posted on June 07, 2001

Image Description, by Jetro Lauha

Purple player is having a reveng after blue had spoiled nice hot-water-surfing-session! Blue ship is taking a bath in small pond and the evil purple ship has just tossed in toxic waste spoiling the water effectively. Red ship is making green's life hard and looks like that green ship is really going to be history after one more of those big blasts.

This is a screenshot of my game I originally made back in 1996. Now I have ported it to Windows and released the game as completely free version with all the features originally available only in registered shareware version. The game is aimed for 2-4 players on a single computer & keyboard as you can see from the 4-way splitscreen screenshot. The game point is flying in cavernous levels while shooting at the other players using some of the many floating weapons available for picking up.

The original game worked with 486's and early pentiums pretty good, now the recommended set is some Pentium with 32MB memory, although it should work with a lot less. Features are roughly as follows: 640x480x8bpp (256 colors) mode, parallax scrolling, digital soundtrack&fx.

The home page for the game is

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June 07, 2001, 02:20 PM

coolio, Can't get enough single-pc multiplayer games :)

People mostly find it terribly amazing when a gamedeveloper doesn't play any games except Scorched Earth(c) :-)


June 07, 2001, 02:23 PM

Purple player and purple bath.. wow !

I always were dreaming about purple bath, thanks for revealing my hidden wishes.



June 07, 2001, 02:26 PM

hehe...Scorched Earth rules :) One of the highest replayability factors of any game :)



June 07, 2001, 02:30 PM

truly the mother of all games. if i'd spent all those lost hours studying, i'd probably be a doctor or something :)


June 07, 2001, 02:41 PM

Yup, and now you're probably a lousy gamecoder - just like me :)


June 07, 2001, 02:44 PM

Yeah, sure you could have been some well-educated, high-paid doctor with tons of friends and women,
but wouldnt you rather have had the opportunity to completey humiliate 3 of your friends with a well-placed
MIRV? I think so. :)

-Hookt on fonix relley werked fer mee!


June 07, 2001, 03:08 PM

the amiga had a PD/Shareware game like this if i recall. anyone else remember it???


June 07, 2001, 03:09 PM

My favourite Single-Machine Multiplayer game was Super Bomberman 2 on the SNES. I really did lose many many hours to that game.


June 07, 2001, 04:03 PM

Yeah, Gravity Force. Great game. I remember missing it when i switched over to the PC.


June 07, 2001, 04:15 PM

Cool game!
I used to play these kinds of games all day long back when I had a 286 PC... :)

Mattias Vartiainen

June 07, 2001, 04:18 PM

Looks like the old amiga game Bratwurst (by 3LE?!).. that was very fun.. I have to download this to find out if it's just as fun.. :)


June 07, 2001, 04:21 PM

Sweet little game. And I'm happy to see that you can shoot holes in the "walls".
I remember in my search for a gravity force kinda game on the pc I missed that feature in the one I found (how many have been made?). Strange how such a great game hasn't been done more. Probably because it's easier to do tetris.

Some sugestions... blend the water on top of the space ships so they get tinted blue. Use the whole screen in single and two player mode. I liked the feature in the original gravity force where it would change to using a single view when you flew in to the same space as the other player, I think it'd be really confusing with more than two players though.

AAAH! A Tornado!

June 07, 2001, 05:13 PM

>(how many have been made?)

In Finland there was a huge Cave-flyer boom a few years back. there was so many of them, i got bored with the whole genre. Kops (that game in the pic) and Tappo II were amongs of the best of them. However when people didn't make any cave-flyers the whole finnish (freeware & shareware) gameprogramming scene more or less vanished. Sad really.


June 07, 2001, 05:52 PM

Nothing wrong with 2d games.
One thing, though
The water looks brown, and uneventful, while the terrain is shiny with specular highlights. This is a common mistake for game programmers, since they NEVER go outside.



June 07, 2001, 09:51 PM

some of the amiga games like this one :

gravity force
turbo raketti

anyone know some more ?

big fan of them had one of my own in develop on the amiga with some friends but never finished it..

Angel Popov

June 08, 2001, 03:58 AM

>>Can't get enough single-pc multiplayer games :)

Well, scortch is now multiple-pc multiplayer game:

Jonas Risbrandt

June 08, 2001, 04:33 AM

Wow! I were thinking of that game when I saw this shots, but I couldn't remember the name! Now that's a game I have spent some time on :)


June 08, 2001, 05:38 AM

we need games like this on the PC! I remember gravity force well, and if i knew of a net-game like it, i'd be playing it now!

Howard Jones

June 08, 2001, 07:09 AM

Xpilot certainly looks similar, and is available for Windows and many unices. Typically up to 10-16 player networked, lots of features, free, and about about 10 years old now :)

(someone please port it to Dreamcast+BBA)


June 08, 2001, 11:47 AM

The Amiga also had a game called Turbo Raketti that was the same,except it only allowed 2 people to play.I still play TR from time to time.It's amazing how simple games with good gameplay stick around for so long.


June 08, 2001, 02:12 PM

I just feel that I should make 21-st post


June 08, 2001, 02:14 PM

Dunno about for Windows, but Linux has it. :)


June 09, 2001, 10:39 PM

Change image of the day! I want more open-source terrains! pls post

Jari Komppa

June 10, 2001, 06:27 AM



June 10, 2001, 12:29 PM

What happened to my post again?

Anyway, ships and more ships are cool but is that split-screen?


Jari Komppa

June 11, 2001, 04:32 AM

Yup, it's 4-way splitscreen. You need a good (and big) keyboard to play with 4 people but hey..

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