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Submitted by Roman, posted on April 08, 2001

Image Description, by Roman

As terrain stuff seams t be quite popular: here are some shots of the stuff I've worked on some month ago.

Features are:
  • Quadtree based cLod
  • AABB frustum culling
  • Detail Texturing
  • D3d8 rendering (using indexed trianglelists)
  • Terrain generation (perlin noise stuff)
  • only simple load-time vertex lighting by now (using sunvector + lightcolor) - the lower right shot uses red as lightcolor
  • md2-model support
  • skybox
  • simple collision-detection (interpolating between heightmapvalues)
  • The framerates for a 513x513 Terrain are between 40-50 (of course higher under certain circumstances) on my quite slow PIII-450 with a Rage128.

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    The Wolf

    April 08, 2001, 02:28 PM

    HEY LOOK !!! It's Homer in 3D land :) and he's scratching his bum!! is that a quad of a mesh model? where did you get it?

    Nice terrain, good FPS. Keep up the good work.


    April 08, 2001, 03:26 PM

    Is it me or is that homer simpson?


    April 08, 2001, 03:26 PM

    Oops you said that already ;

    Amitt Mahajan

    April 08, 2001, 03:31 PM

    looks like black and white, homer is like a villager. Not bad.


    April 08, 2001, 03:32 PM

    Sorry, didn't add the credits for the model:

    Author : Aaron Webster
    Name of Mod : Homer Simpson player model
    File Name :
    Version : 1.3
    Date : October 19, 1998
    E-mail :


    April 08, 2001, 03:49 PM

    Umm... it does NOT look like Black & White. There's just one texture
    here, right? I can't even see any detail texturing.

    That doesn't mean I have anything against the terrain demo (I don't)
    but I disagree with the previous poster.

    Also, you might make it blend in more with your skybox if you use fogging that blends halfway towards some blue-gray color. But fogging on a Rage isn't exactly zippy, so I can understand why you're not doing it :-)


    April 08, 2001, 03:59 PM

    In fact there is a detail texture, but as I simly can't draw well it is only a grayscale noise texture by now (look nice when moving but is not that eyecatching on static shots).


    April 08, 2001, 04:08 PM

    It looks quite nice. Just pick a better background or colros for your landscape, it doesn't look natural.



    April 08, 2001, 05:06 PM

    Cool. The terrain looks very rounded. Can your engine support animated md2's?

    Also, one thing i've noticed about these terrain engines is that nobody ever seems to take them beyond making terrain. With support for md2's are you making a game of some sort?

    good luck!


    April 08, 2001, 06:50 PM

    Too dark? Why does everybody complain that the images are too dark?!? You didn't go and turn the brightness down on your monitor because your eyes can't handle it, now did you? Had that last summer myself...

    Anyway, cool picture. Are you planning on using this as a base for a game?


    April 08, 2001, 07:41 PM

    Send in a white IOTD and someone will say it's too dark :) I think it's the principle rather than what's actually there ;)


    April 08, 2001, 07:59 PM

    looks terrainy!!

    Jason Kozak

    April 08, 2001, 09:18 PM

    What gets me is flipcode's design is substantially darker than most pics that get the complaint :P


    April 08, 2001, 09:56 PM

    You are all smoking crack. Nobody said that it was too dark.


    April 08, 2001, 09:56 PM

    Oh my God, the fact that you have Homer in that screenshot alone makes it a great image! GREAT JOB!!!! :-P


    April 08, 2001, 10:20 PM

    Just wondering how many people have gamma adjusted their monitors?

    I use the little util with Photoshop 5.5

    would it make a difference if everyone did that before they made any sort of graphics?


    April 09, 2001, 12:06 AM

    Why the heck is everyone always commenting on the darkness...GET OVER IT. turn your friggen screen up if it doesn't look right to you!

    geez, anyway, nice IOTD



    April 09, 2001, 01:08 AM



    April 09, 2001, 01:15 AM

    Doh !

    Dean Harding

    April 09, 2001, 02:26 AM

    The post that says it's too dark has been removed.

    I think it looks great, I love Homer :)


    April 09, 2001, 03:25 AM

    haha... this just gave me a great idea...

    I'm a computer science I ap student (in high school) and I'm starting on my final project for the year... I've decided to do a wave/disturbance simulation(while the rest of my class is doing stupid little console progs, but they're new so its ok).

    Homer jumping into a pool of water(shark optional)... good way to spice the program up...


    April 09, 2001, 05:16 AM

    It's a Quakle 2 Playermodel, which can surely be found on

    C ya


    April 09, 2001, 07:22 AM

    The md2's are of course animated (how else could homer scratch his bumm). Currentely I use a simple vertex-shader to interolate between the keyframes.

    I also plan to do a game with that one of course, should be some kind of an "RPG" (mainly fighting).

    Ben Dilts

    April 09, 2001, 07:57 AM

    I hated "catcher in the rye."

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