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Submitted by Gregor Grlj, posted on March 10, 2001

Image Description, by Gregor Grlj

This are a few screens from an engine I was developing last year with DX7. I started developing it to learn better object oriented engine design. I can attach various types of objects to my scene class: renderables (meshes, particle systems, billboards, coronas etc.), lights, cameras and such stuff and the scene animates and draws all of it. I load the meshes from 3ds max (ASE export) as well as animations, cameras and lights. I calculate lightmaps (well...shadowmaps :) ) for static meshes, the animated meshes are vertex-lighted. The culling is just simple bounding box-view frustum test - no BSP/PVS/portal stuff.

In the next engine I will most probably try something with BSP/PVS or octtrees or something similar. As well as all that vertex/pixel-shader stuff.

There are around 15k polys in this scene.

The demo you see was done in a few days for a local demoparty. You can download the stuff here: Warning: you need a powerfull machine to run this demo smoothly.


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March 10, 2001, 04:02 PM

Wow, beautiful.
Very moody, the purple fits in nicely. I'll download it right away (hope GeForceII MX and 700MHz is "powerfull" enough :)


March 10, 2001, 04:46 PM

ran fine on my p2 300 + GeForce2 GTS @ 1024x768x32 ...


March 10, 2001, 04:50 PM

Runs pretty smooth on my PIII 500 with 128mb and a GeForce2 MX.
Very nice!


March 10, 2001, 04:52 PM

btw. That was in 640x480x32 :)


March 10, 2001, 05:24 PM

Your screenshot looks very nice
I've not downloaded your demo, but I suspect that It could be limited size. You could further improve your engine and add octree or bsp.


March 10, 2001, 06:40 PM

The shots look nice... but it run's terrible on my voodoo3 :-(, the only correct thing is the particle flow...


March 10, 2001, 06:43 PM

Hey you know what they say: nice purple isn't ugly. ;)
That demo was AWESOME! Although the spinning blade had some artifacts in the intro and outro on my machine. It didn't have them in the demo itself though.
It ran very smoothly on my P3-450@510 128MB GeForce2MX 32MB 1024x768x32


March 10, 2001, 06:55 PM

Neat demo. I especially like the rays that come out of the sword handle. Just as a piece of advice, you might want to sort your alpha blended polygons and turn off the z-buffer when you draw them. This should produce better results.



March 10, 2001, 07:05 PM

I hope the blue and yellow light is supposed to be laser light because with the sparp edges of the light rays, it looks like it.

It's so depressing seeing what some people can do in just a few days. Of course when you are writing everything yourself from scratch, making a software renderer, it's bound to take longer I guess.


March 10, 2001, 07:18 PM

It runs perfectly smooth and fast on my comp.

GeForce 256 DDR
Windows 2000 Pro
DirectX 8

1024x768x32 @ 75Hz

Jeff CK

March 10, 2001, 08:20 PM

Seemed fine to be. Ran pretty smooth on a 1.2GHz Athlon w/ 512MB RAM and a GeForce 2 Ultra :>


March 10, 2001, 11:01 PM

Ran decent on my computer(in the default, low quality mode)...
p2 400
tnt2 m64
128 meg ram

Lion V

March 11, 2001, 12:32 AM

That level looks like UTs Gothic.
The engine looks okay tho.


March 11, 2001, 06:04 AM

Yeah, I know those rays should be sorted. But the time for finnishing the demo ran out and I was forced to do it without sorting.
The artifacts in the sword in the beginning of the demo are due to the fact that the sword is alphablended and you can see its internals.
Like I said it was a two-day crunch time to meet the deadline and not much time to fix all the problems.

I'm happy that it runs on all those configurations, but I never tried it on a Voodoo - maybe some weird alphastates are cousing the problems.



March 11, 2001, 06:31 AM

What the heck is this, gamers joint? Or is it only me that has an old crappy G200-card in my machine and has less than a PII-400 ;-)



March 11, 2001, 08:39 AM

It ran ok here on my P3 500, 128, Voodoo3 3500. Just some stutter on the "shafts of light" when they ghost type guy comes out of the wall. Other than that it ran fine.


March 11, 2001, 10:10 AM

You are not the only one yo, I feel your pain . The demo would not run on my celeron 400, 128M with a voodoo banshee. After the intro, it just crashes.


March 11, 2001, 10:45 AM

lxnyce & thec, why not buying a gf2mx? Damn fine and very cheap card. A G200 is a pain in the ass, and a Voodoo Banshee... come on ;)

Brebion flavien

March 11, 2001, 10:59 AM

Runs on a P200+Vaudoo2, but it is extremely slow ( about 1 fps ).. yes it was hardware accelerated :(


March 11, 2001, 11:46 AM

That looks really cool. Not only is your engine rendering nice images, but your artwork is really good too! Very impressive.


March 11, 2001, 12:58 PM

Regarding your demo, I ran into a bit of a problem. You say to run the s3dconfig.exe to setup your video card. Well, it defaults to my TNT (I run two displays) and when I switch it to my GeForce 2 (or any option besides NVIDIA RIVA TNT, Hardware Accel, Hardware T&L) , it seems to have problems displaying the video modes correctly in the combo box. After 640*480, 32 bit color, 85Hz, it begins putting out strange and wonderful things like 1 * -5, 1734890842 bit color, 298856710 Hz.

It displays fine on that one option, however. Any thoughts?



March 11, 2001, 01:06 PM

Sh*t voodoo!
NVIDIA lives!
Sorry but it must be! ;))


March 11, 2001, 01:22 PM

itemnine: seems I have some enumeration problem for multiple cards going on there. I will see what can I do to fix it.



March 11, 2001, 04:12 PM

Thats what they are gonna say when the geforce 3 comes out and you still have a geforce 2. I really like my banshee, and for development purposes I am not going to upgrade till I have to (it runs almost any game out there). If I can get my programs to run nice on a banshee, then I can be assured that it will run on a lot more computers out there which don't have the newest accelerator out. Nobody wants to keep upgrading so that they can play 1 or 2 games that actually come out requiring that much horsepower. I think we should worry about making games that play nice rather than look good. But that is my opinion.


March 11, 2001, 08:04 PM

Those shots look pretty cool, I'll let you know how it runs on my PIII 815 and GeForce DDR. =D


March 11, 2001, 10:42 PM

Pentium III 815???
great shots there.. wish I could do that
Run about 5-10FPS on my computer

128mg RAM
Riva 128bit (I know that is the hold back)
Celeron 533
Win 2K


March 12, 2001, 09:06 AM

No your not the only one... I have a p2-266 with a voodoo 2 :) Pretty lame by today's standard :)

Have a nice day !



March 12, 2001, 09:17 AM

Why is a PIII 815 weird? I have an Athlon Thunder-bird 795... with GeForce2 MX.. ran really nicely on it too :). Really nice work, especially in a few days!! Although, the engine was done already so, coding the demo part wouldn't be to hard I guess. Still an awesome demo by all means. Keep up the good work.


March 12, 2001, 11:59 AM

Ran fine at about 30fps (frames per season) on my 486dx2 ;)

I love the shots, and think that you should be proud of yourself.


March 15, 2001, 08:45 AM

lol. I'm developing on p2 300 laptop, with an 8mb ATi card. At least if I develop something on this machine, I know it will run insanely on pretty much everything else. Besides it's annoying when most people with lower spec machines can't view your work. Also, programming to remove artifacts inherrent with ATi Rage Pro (like fogging etc) - helps ensure that it looks right on most machines as well. I know that something I write on my humble laptop, will run on my flatmate's geforce card, but it will also run on machines 2 years old. It just requires more effort to make sure everything is working best as possible. Oh - and I'm a poor brit student - so buying anything is out of the question. And I don't steal.

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