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Submitted by Jordan Maynard, posted on February 07, 2001

Image Description, by Jordan Maynard

Here is a screen shot of a program I wrote for an OpenGL class at San Diego State University. The terrain shown is actually a representation of the real terrain near the university. The elevation data was taken from USGS .DEM files and then textured with actual aerial photographs (not satellite) of the same region. The hardest part of the whole thing was getting the textures to line up with the elevation data - some of them had to be tweaked/skewed/stretched in an image manipulation program to more accurately line up with the elevations. In the top left picture you see Cowles Mt as seen from the north (in Santee), with Mission Gorge Rd. The bottom left picture is Highway 8 as seen from above, with San Diego State off to the right (you can just make out the track and field) The overpass in the center is College Ave. The bottom right picture shows the entire region (elevation exaggerated, no fog) and in it you can see Cowles Mt., Highway 8, and Lake Murray. I sent this screenshot to a few local pilots and gotten good reactions from them. Hope you all like it. : )

Any questions about it can be directed to (though I'm not sure how long the account will remain active now that I've graduated...)

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February 07, 2001, 10:44 PM


zed zeek

February 07, 2001, 11:03 PM

>>screenshots makes things look better than when we're running the program


February 08, 2001, 01:23 AM

Timothy Barnes, they could be tons of people named Jordan Maynard, how do you know?


February 08, 2001, 01:39 AM

looking at this, i can only say

download TerraExplorer 3.00 from

and enjoy (and have DSL/cable too)


February 08, 2001, 04:00 AM

did a search, played the demo.. cool

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