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Submitted by Robin Håkanson, posted on December 20, 2000

Image Description, by Robin Håkanson

Here are som screenshots from my TI-82 demo IMATION released during Dreamhack00. It has som nice parts, faked grayscale (LCD screen's has low refresh rate ;) ), tunnels and other stuff that you normaly find in standard PC demos. For all you pepople out there that have you own TI-82 calculator you can download the demo from You will need CRash to run it (if you don't already have it you can find it somewhere on There is also an MPG version of the demo for all you poor fellows that don't have an as kicking TI-82 calculator, it's lokated on If anyone is intrested in coding TI-82 and Z80 processors i have wrote some artikels about it on (it's pretty good if you know swedish because the artikels seamse to be written in that wierd language ;) ). /Robin Håkanson

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Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 06:48 PM

We want 0x0FF00FF FAKED!!

Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 06:50 PM

No.. you have lots of design.. forinstace real synchronization with the music etc..

And ehrm.: ofcourse.. flatshading roqs.. you both have it.. but youres and shaded.. so its more design in yours!

Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 06:51 PM

say it again!
Say it agaiN!

And i will laugh.. the most impressive thing i've seen was when gosub leartn 3*3 = 9 in his head.. (Wrote it on a note for remembering it.. )
*Hint* Allways used calculater for everything except for ^2 ;)

Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 06:53 PM

Its a demo you faggot, never got the idea that the image is screenshoots you moron.. join replay now!

Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 06:56 PM

har du gjort accelererade kuber precis som replay? ;))

Peter Mackay

December 20, 2000, 06:56 PM

It wasn't photorealistic raytracing obviously - we're talking about a 16-colour machine here.

There was indeed a C64 demo that drew the now classic "reflective sphere and checkboard pattern". It was low res and pretty damn small, but it was real-time.

If my dad has to be Michael Jaxxon for you to believe this to be true, then just call me Bubbles.


December 20, 2000, 06:59 PM


Heheh very cool, say did you code demo's for the Amiga/C64/PC (old) scene too? Because I can't imagine you can do this stuff without prior thorough knowledge on the subject.

BTW: You are refreshing this thread at a steady interval, no? =)

Robin Håkanson

December 20, 2000, 07:04 PM

Yes currently i'm refreshing the thread at a steady interval (the last hour it has been about 20 comments or something)
And no i did not make demos on the "old scene". But i have coded ABC80 (a swedish computer from luxor made in the middel 70:ties if you don't now about it) quite a lot (before i got my hands on a Pentsium 100 mhz).

Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 07:10 PM

Why do i not believe you? :)
People hasnt managed making any real decent 3d on C64 and you claim Phong is done? :)


December 20, 2000, 07:11 PM

I've seen a lot of impressive things in my time. This ranks right up there with the best of 'em.




December 20, 2000, 07:12 PM


Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 07:13 PM

yes , in vetlanda

Jaap Suter

December 20, 2000, 07:13 PM

I'd like to apologize already but I couldn't resist.

YEAH, 100st post!!!!

(Yeah I know it's silly, but hey, that's me).

On another note,

That demo actually rocks 120% fully over the top super duper. I love it.

A skilled asm programmer outperforms any OOP guru. Most of the time. That is.
Let's not make this a debate.

Japio De Amigo.

Jaap Suter

December 20, 2000, 07:14 PM


I missed it!!! This is going way to fast people.
Even #flipcode messages are coming slower. This is starting to look like a chatroom.


Jaap Suter

p.s. I cannot mention it enough, this demo rocks!!!


December 20, 2000, 07:14 PM

Sorry for my last post ("SPAAAAAM") I've just seen there were exactly 99 posts in this thread and I wanted to be the 100th - so I had to act QUICKLY and had no time to write something intelligent and "SPAAAM" was the first thing in my mind... ahem... All I want to say now: DAMN U MIDNIGHT ;) (just kidding)


December 20, 2000, 07:16 PM

BOOOOOIIIIING Jaap. I missed the 100th mark by 1 SECOND (DAMMIT LOL) and it seems you had the same thing in mind (look at the time our comments were posted lol). At least it seems I was 1 second faster the you (second plaaaaaaaace ROFLMAO ;))


December 20, 2000, 07:20 PM

Poor Jaap, shall we ask Robin to optimize his PostSpamComment() function? Maybe then he can actually make the 100'th comment =)

On the bright side, I have just found out the funny little calc my other brother uses is a TI-83. Yeeehaaaa. Now I just need to hook that thing to my computer... In some way. Suppose they dont support IR now do they?

Hurm. Telepathic contact with a TI-83 anyone?

BTW I have been searching the web for an emulator, but I guess you need a ROM. And without a cable that is not going to work. Sigh =(

/me quickly minimizes this window and quickly types, moves the mouse a bit, +TI-82 +ROM +download, and hits enter

Hurm. Well I am allowed to have a copy, since I own a TI-83 and all.


December 20, 2000, 07:22 PM

As a punishment no snowboarding for you this winter Jaap =)


December 20, 2000, 07:22 PM

Argh I did not mean SECOND I meanted MINUTE. ooops


December 20, 2000, 07:24 PM

This is mad!!!!! How many posts in the last few hours.
Any way very nice demo only just downloaded the mpg and it was amazing. I'm starting to to wish I had gone for a TI instead of a colour casio :0(
Does any one know of any sites about asm programing on the Casio CFX-9850G. Is it even possible?? The best I have manged to do is a tet and knock out clones but they were very blocky and slow. Good old general studies exams :)

Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 07:24 PM

Bah.. Who cares about 100 Posts?
1000 posts would have been cool.. othwerwise.. this thread is really fuxxored .. No life, i know i dont =)


December 20, 2000, 07:25 PM

So... on on to 200??? anyone?

Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 07:26 PM

there is no snow in japaneese

Robin Håkanson

December 20, 2000, 07:26 PM

Give me your mail adress and i send it right away

Robin Håkanson

December 20, 2000, 07:27 PM

Well.. no one is posting any serius messages any more.. So i can take the optertunity to ask on what irc network the #flipcode channel is located on

Stefan Karlsson

December 20, 2000, 07:28 PM


Johan D I Andersson

December 20, 2000, 07:31 PM

I've seen this demo on the TI82 and on the bigscreen at DH'00, and I have to say that the images don't give half as big an impression by themselves as the full demo does.

As for the music... well... considering the total inability to shut of of the folks with the big speakers among the attendants at DH'00, there WAS music during the presentation of the demo! ;D

If anyone would write a tracker for the TI82 I'd be glad to make music on it... maybe we could show the waveforms on the screen, with a note saying "See - there IS music, only there are no speakers so you can't see it, but doesn't it LOOK awesome?!"

Anyway... the demo prods major buttock... superb work, Robin... too bad it had to be released on a party that turned out to be so fucked up.

Johan D I Andersson

December 20, 2000, 07:35 PM

What I meant was;

"See - there IS music, only there are no speakers so you can't HEAR it, but doesn't it LOOK awesome?!"

I'm not in my most coherent mood at the moment... please bear with me... :)

Robin Håkanson

December 20, 2000, 07:38 PM

Well.. actully you can get sound ouy of the seriell port.. And i will stronly consider writing a tracker for it.. (but then i have to found a party wish would agree to put in the large speaker system in my littel TI-82 calculator).


December 20, 2000, 07:40 PM

Tochno taka pich, tochno taka



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