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Submitted by Robert Clemens, posted on December 12, 2000

Image Description, by Robert Clemens

Those 5 screenshots show our action racing game 'Crashday'. We're developing on the DirectX version for about half a year and now the first graphics can be shown to you :). Crashday will be a crash'n'stunt game like Carmageddon, however a main part of our game is the powerful track editor (like once in "4D Stunts")

The screenshots show some of the cars (only one is already textured) and in the background you can see the first track objects (set randomly :)) On the centered picture the "evening" ambience is activated, the upper left and lower right ones use the standard "day" ambience. In the upper right corner you can see a loop in our texturizing tool. (All of our textures are hi-res and photographed by ourself.) Finally the lower left shot shows our rendered title picture.

More infos or screenshots you can get on our website

Image of the Day Gallery


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December 12, 2000, 01:44 AM

Looks nice! I still got stunts on this computer somewhere... maybe on my laptop(s)... heh a Geforce graphics card, 256 meg ram, piii-650 and I still have stunts.. shameful.


December 12, 2000, 03:19 AM

STUNTS is still THE best stunt racer to date. *sigh*


December 12, 2000, 03:45 AM

Hey man... share with us the physics code....


December 12, 2000, 03:50 AM

A remake of Stunts is a good idea, that was one fun game!

Looks nice so far!

m a d r i g a l

December 12, 2000, 04:33 AM

So, you are developing this game for half a year now.
It would be interesting to hear how your development cycle has been. You could post some kind of postmortum of what went right and what went wrong and wha kind of technology you used and how it worked out.



December 12, 2000, 04:55 AM

StiNKy->Stuntcar Racer on the C64, now that was a game!

Robert->looks very nice, I like the evening-ambience -picture, keep up the good work


December 12, 2000, 06:51 AM

instead of using a stencil buffer for shadows, wouldn't it be possible to render the thing to the zbuffer so that its too close for anything to be drawn behind it?


December 12, 2000, 07:53 AM

You said it...

4d-Stunts rocks... and it still runs.. even on my superduper P2


Joakim Hårsman

December 12, 2000, 08:44 AM

Wow, the evening shot looks really good. Are those environment maps on the car windows dynamic?


December 12, 2000, 09:05 AM

That would make a completely black shadow, if it worked (i haven't checked that, it could work). Stencil buffer shadows can be any color.


December 12, 2000, 10:27 AM

Our development cycle was very crazy up so far. :)
Before we started the _DX version_ half a year ago, there was a DOS4GW version without any textures (!). One day we thought that probably no one wants to see that cruel graphics, so we started a new version.
The original game idea is about 3 years old, but the game development process got stuck several times.
Now, pumped up with new energy :), we're sitting behind the screen to give just a demo...


December 12, 2000, 10:35 AM

The environment maps are calculated like NFS did it.
Just a texture projected on the car changing when the camera moves. :)


December 12, 2000, 10:38 AM

Yeah, Stunts rocks, that's we implent the track editor in Crashday :)))
We just like the total freedom a field based track editor gives one in designing the courses


December 12, 2000, 10:58 AM

Very impressive. You have some very nice textures there.
Is that a reflection of a tree in the back of that minivan?


December 12, 2000, 11:01 AM

One other question after viewing your website, are you going to ship the game in English? (are you going to ship the game at all, or maybe distribute it on your website for a fee or what?)


December 12, 2000, 11:21 AM

Yes, that "thing" on the envmap texture is a tree. I think on our website you'll find some screenshots we're you can see it :)

Moon Byte Studios


December 12, 2000, 11:25 AM

The game will be available in German and English.
It will also cost a little bit (for the time we spend on the enormous work :))
However at the moment we're still searching for a publisher.

The Wolf

December 12, 2000, 12:05 PM

Very nice. nice evening ambiance. is it just racing or is there demolition stuff?


December 12, 2000, 12:22 PM

I rule at stunts, no one will ever beat me at it.

The screenshots look real great and i'm really glad someone is building a new game somewhat like stunts.

WOW, MoonByteStudios must also rule!


December 12, 2000, 12:42 PM

It's more demolition than anything else :))))
How we told, it's a bit of Carmageddon mixed with 4D Stunts.
In fact your mission is not to get through the track (that would be boring); it's about to cause nice stunts and crash your opponents. (So it's just fun :))


December 12, 2000, 01:04 PM

Stunts? You mean that old Borderbund racing game I had on my 386? That game had the best track editor to date. My friend and I would bring floppies full of tracks to each others houses and challenge the other to race through them. I wish I still had a copy...

If your game has a track editor like stunts, and the graphics typical of today's games, then it is going to be GOOOOOD. I'd pay $49.99 for something like that, easy.

*Bookmarks website*

My hat's off to you.


December 12, 2000, 05:33 PM

Stunts was great, especially the slomo replays. (Please don't forget the replays!)

Those textures look really nice.

Are you an indie developer?


December 12, 2000, 06:24 PM

You don't need to miss the replays in Crashday :)
(And they will also be saveable)

No, i'm no indie programmer, i'm from Germany.
But I have to note that I like to talk about "we" instead of "I" since we're 2 guys at Moon Byte Studios :)
Just check out the website and look into the about section :) here

Alexander Blach

December 12, 2000, 08:03 PM

Hello, fellow German.
I think by "indie" he means "independant".

Nice game you got there btw. Can't wait to see the demo.


December 12, 2000, 09:28 PM

Looks awesome! I really like the realistic textures, skies, and shiny effect for the cars paint! It's also neat the way you made the cover look like that of a movie!


December 12, 2000, 09:29 PM

I miss STUNTS...



December 12, 2000, 11:05 PM

Hey, cool memory lane trip =) Hehehe, Stunts had probably the most humourous physics bug in any game *ever*. Anyone remember when you'd put a few of those bridge pieces together to make a sawtooth piece of track with massive jumps, and then if you came off one fast enough and crashed into the very apex of the next, you'd skyrocket out of the map straight up at amazing speeds? Eventually you came back down, smashed on the ground (Go the polygon based explosion!!) and then proceed to drive/spin out of control in ultratight circles for about 30 seconds at around 600mph and then stop.... *memories...*

Bruce Sutherland

December 13, 2000, 01:44 AM

Those screenshots look absolutely brilliant. Great idea, and your graphics look very professional. One thing that I'd really like to see: an Outrun mode where you have high speed chases.

I hope this isn't too off topic, but a couple more cool physics anomalies in stunts were:

- If you drive reeeeaaally slowly into a wrecked opponent (one that is on fire), instead of crashing you bounce off it and skid along at the game's top speed. It's amusing.

- Under some strange conditions you could get to speeds greater than the car's top speed, and when this happens you do not slow down at all by skidding round corners, or even driving on grass. The only thing that will stop you is a wall =).


December 13, 2000, 06:03 AM

Ups, my babylon translator told me so :)


December 14, 2000, 03:42 PM

to do a remake of Stunts is a very good idea. I can't tell you how often I played the original. Will the final game feature internet gaming?

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