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Submitted by Dominic Morris, posted on December 08, 2000

Image Description, by Dominic Morris

Here's some screenshots of my submission for Milia. You can download the EXE from

Following up on some criticisms from my last IOTD, this EXE is hopefully a lot more robust! ;-) I've also added computer-controlled players, a 2-player LAN option and 3 soundtracks. The race track is procedurally-generated and can take some time on slower CPUs. Also, collision-detection runs pretty slowly on anything less than a P3-class CPU. The game will default to FSAA if available... oh, and it'll also keep track of your best lap-time in the registry!

Next up is gonna be some nice eye-candy mountains, so I'm on the hunt for the DX terrain-algo. code, if anyone can help..., more tracks, and a 'mouse-look' type thing for more accurate shooting.

I hope you enjoy it!


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December 08, 2000, 02:33 AM

What are the benefits of storing anything in the registry? It seems
to me that it reduces your ability to exchange files. Also, on
some NT/2000 systems, write access to the registry is removed for
some users, as it could be considered a security hole. Example: some video
cards have proprietary ways to change the refresh rate of your monitor
in there which could be clocked high enough to toast a monitor.

It also smacks of unportability.


December 08, 2000, 03:07 AM

Without directing this at the IOTD, I agree about the registry.

Registry keys are a pain, because they make software hard to backup/restore or run from the network. Not to mention that registry bloat is probably why you need to reinstall windows so often to maintain a decent level of responsiveness.

I'm not saying go back to the "good old days" of ini files in c:windows, my ideal would be to have the registry, but each app has its own fragment of the registry stored in the app folder. Basically so that *everything* about an app, except documents you create with it, is hiding inside the app's folder. Of course, then it is difficult to backup everything at once, because its all over the place. Catch 22 ?

OK, sorry, cool IOTD, I like the fiery shading on the vehicles.

Kurt Miller

December 08, 2000, 03:10 AM

>>Registry keys are a pain

I third that ;) In my experience, the registry pretty much always gets messy and annoying.

As for the image, I haven't checked out the demo yet, but the screeney looks great.


December 08, 2000, 03:59 AM

Hmm... wouldn't it be cool if the race scene would been more dizzy/fuzzy/foggy the more speed you gain? That would be a cool feature because it would reflect on real driving when driving really fast (yeah, I've been breaking the speedlimit ;)

We had an IOTD with some gaussian blur the other day, maybe someone should try that tecnique to make the effect?

Getting nicer!



December 08, 2000, 04:02 AM

Cool game.. i will download it when i get home today.
That half-pipe reminds me of some levels in F-Zero X.
They also have random generated maps :)

heh, i can see that you´re using a lightly dressed girl with the text "desire" under her ey? :>

Jari Komppa

December 08, 2000, 05:04 AM

There's one good thing about using the registry: in multi-user cases you can store each users' own preferences in a handy way.
Of course you could make a directory under current users' "my documents" and dump config there, but no windows program does that..


December 08, 2000, 05:27 AM

Don't forget Macs have been using the equivelent of localised registries forever (resources) and they also include loads of other useful data. AFAIK the only stuff kept in a Mac OS central registry is the whereabouts of files (for aliases) and the cache for icons. What does Linux do? config files? but in the home directory! (e.g. same as the MyDocuments idea).
I just think they have attempted to take a badly thought out idea (Win95) too far without a major overhaul.


December 08, 2000, 06:54 AM

Maybe you should remove that registry thing but keep at it we aren't flaming you just constructive crictism

Oscar Rydberg

December 08, 2000, 06:58 AM

No offense, but isn't the shot(s) a bit..mhm.. blurry?

Actually I can't figure out much from the screenshots, kinda like You wanted to show too much in a limited space :)

Now someone will be nice enough to tell me to download the demo,
but then the whole concept with IMAGE of the day falls short in my oppinion. (Which may not matter much anyway, it's just one vote, unless recounted)

My apologies for not using a very constructive criticism, I've had 16+ hrs workdays for a while now.


December 08, 2000, 07:38 AM

Looks nice. Always good to see someone making progress with a game he or she is developing, keep up the good work !


December 08, 2000, 07:42 AM

thanx mace! i was playing fzero in NY on holiday the week b4 i posted this up to Milia, & i was making notes on what bits i could copy for my game; so i'm really pleased that you made that comment!

as for the girl, well, i'm sure you understand how hard it can be to find artwork for games that isn't copyrighted up the arse, and i found that flyer in the states, scanned it @ emailed it back to london b4 dropping it in the game...

what i really want is girlz in increasing stages of nudity posted up around the track, in direct correlation with the user's lap times. that'd be cool. ;-)


December 08, 2000, 07:59 AM

point taken. they're all low-res images (300x200) coz i made em @ work and i can't go fullscreen there...

BUT - when actually *playing* the game, and i seem to be in a minority here, i prefer low-res. it moves so fast that you only notice it's not hi-res when you stop (which you never do) and i get 3x the frame rate. lovely. like tv.


December 08, 2000, 08:17 AM

all registry-haters:
i know that the registry sux horribly, but i added that in last minute as a quick hack so i can keep track of my best lap time. ideally, i'd like a central repository of laptimes kept on the web and i'd ftp them up & down every runtime. but that would've taken 2 long, so i didn't! if it ever gets to production (HA!) then it'd definately have that. it'd be *so* cool to be able to categorically state that you're the fastest *in the world*!!!

nice idea! i can picture the scenery 'melting' as you get up to 5000mph. that'd be too cool. some kind of LERP texel distortion around a central 'tunnel-view' applied to the frame buffer... maybe like 3dfx's motion-blur... you got me thinking!

anways, thanks for all the comments guys (@ girls, - that'd be the day.)


December 08, 2000, 08:55 AM

Motion blur in OpenGL can be found at

for the hi-speed fx ;)


December 08, 2000, 11:58 AM

Holy crap, Is a j Harvey your real name? I have the Initials a j p Harvey.


December 08, 2000, 12:18 PM

You will like how .NET does things then :)


December 08, 2000, 03:14 PM

ah, but it goes further than that. In the terrible old days of win3.1 it was ini files, which is great, but everyone stuck them in the windows directory (laziness) and didnt uninstall them, so it was registry bloat just like now, but more visible :)

MS cannot be so stupid that they dont KNOW the registry is a bad thing. I presume it is to prevent 1000 .ini files appearing in stupid places.

I would vote for a text based configs in the app directory and the users home directory, and an overriding central one for the admins to use for security etc... (ps - linux - it's generally /etc/configfile and /home/squint/appname/configfile)


December 09, 2000, 07:31 AM

double holy crap!
my fathers initials are j p harvey
tis a small world (or dictionary, as the case may be)

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