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Submitted by Pierre Renaux, posted on December 07, 2000

Image Description, by Pierre Renaux

This geiss effect is just a variant of the classical fire effect. It's very easy to create, you can check out the source code on my web site If you want more details about it, just ask me =)

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December 07, 2000, 01:19 AM

Thats really nice! I can just picture that in a game when your torching someone with a flamethrower or something. hehe.

Timothy Barnes

December 07, 2000, 01:59 AM

Awesome. How fast is it?


December 07, 2000, 03:46 AM

very nice indeed - i downloaded the demo, nice work.

tim: this isn't a new technique, it's been used many times before... it basically consists of drawing something, zooming in a bit, then drawing the next frame over that, and so on. it's fast, but it couldn't really be used in a game except for something like... a sort of simulation of being very drunk or being in a dream (and, no i'm not very drunk in *all* my dreams!) - which would be awsome!

anyway good one Pierre!


December 07, 2000, 04:31 AM

Well, you could find uses for it in a game as a procedural texture on a magic spell or something for an RPG. Like toss this texture on a sphere or something--I dunno. Sure, it's not realistic, but it could be a neat special effect procedural texture.

Daniel Söderberg

December 07, 2000, 05:28 AM

hEY! it looks cool :)

Have you tried to feedback it in different directions.. you get a totally azzzm effect by doin' that :P
Another tip is to add a dynamic bitmap distortion effect


December 07, 2000, 05:31 AM

I was thinking that maybe one day I would write a gauss voxel system, so you could use that as fire in a game, but it seems that the people at SIGGRAPH have come up with something even better ;-(


December 07, 2000, 06:30 AM

Mmhhh yes, that blitter feedback trick, although this is a particularily nice version :) Do you use bilinear filtering and that artifacts are caused by JPEG quantization or does it happen because you don't filter the thing when scaling? Just curious.

James Matthews

December 07, 2000, 02:03 PM

Yeah, that effect is used to great effect in the PS2 game Dead or Alive 2.

Nice work, looks really neat...and I thought geiss was just a Winamp plugin (albeit it the best) :)


December 07, 2000, 04:30 PM

Nintendo's Perfect Dark has a crazy drunk effect when you get punched. Man is it every annoying.


December 07, 2000, 06:06 PM

geiss is indeed the best winamp plugin

is this the same geiss-effect, or the same geiss-app ?

regardless, shots are slick

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