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Submitted by Johan Glysing, posted on December 06, 2000

Image Description, by Johan Glysing

This is a screenshot collection from Dizzlogic´s (our) fresh demo called Imagine. We coded it for a demo contest at Dreamhack which is Swedens biggest demoparty where all the cool coders come once a year to compete in the contests and drink Jolt (n' vodka) until they throw up :)

The top left image is the "jiggly tunnel" and the one next to it is a antimagneticdistortionsomething effect on a cube, works like a more dynamic "spherify" tool in 3d studio. ;)

There are some other cool stuff in it as well such as particle systems, undescribeable mesh-triangle thingee++ and of course my old submission to the flipcode contest called "fog".

A demo will be downloadable at very soon so try it out. This demo was done faster than lightspeed and quick n dirty code in the final version. :)

Demo by Dizzlogic
Code: Mace & Volantiz
Gfx: Jewelaye, miffo & Volantiz
Music: Volantiz

Hope you like it

/Mace, Volantiz

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Archive Notice: This thread is old and no longer active. It is here for reference purposes. This thread was created on an older version of the flipcode forums, before the site closed in 2005. Please keep that in mind as you view this thread, as many of the topics and opinions may be outdated.

December 06, 2000, 04:32 AM

Very funky. I like the anime stylings.

I wish there were demo parties around here.

Guess I have to stick to normal parties to drink jolt and vodka (or bourbon :) to throw up. I really wish there was a demo scene in Perth.


December 06, 2000, 04:59 AM

Nice tunnel and even nicer drawn anime girls ! Did you draw the bottom left girl only using some basic drawing tools (pencil, brush and such) or was it drawn using existing textures for the hair ? (or did you pixel the entire thing ?)
Good luck with the Jolt ;)


December 06, 2000, 05:55 AM

Okeej, I dunnpo where Perth is (sorry), but 'there supposed to be a scene everywhere' if I'm not wrong. No big city in this world that doesn't contain at least one scener.
And what is against moving to a far away country with a couple of friends to enjoy a demoparty? Ofcourse the ppl you take with you must like it,..
or you tell 'em to drop by on day 3, for the releases, fix yarself a release, and et voila!

Daniel Söderberg

December 06, 2000, 06:29 AM

Weeeeeell.. .hrm..

Actually we didn't get the pictures from one of our gfx dewds in time. (But we got them now for the next demo ;). So we borrowed that picture from another dewd. But all the other gfx is made by us :) . Really, i hATE use others gfx... but since we made this demo so fast, we didn't have time for making more effects.. so we neaded a pic for that effect. (The colors on the pic is spinning around and so.. really cool effy ;)


Wayne Marsh

December 06, 2000, 09:35 AM

England, as far as I can tell, is a bit thin on the ground when it comes to decent programmers.

I doubt there's anybody in Ipswich who wouldn't give you a funny look when you told them you're coding a demo - they're all clueless.

It sucks here!


December 06, 2000, 10:34 AM

Do not despair! For there is an active demoscene in Oz! The only demoparty in Australia is Coven ( ) which is held here in Adelaide around February each year. We get people from Melbourne and Sydney coming, but I don't know about anyone coming over from Perth - maybe it's because it's so f@#$ing expensive to travel there...


December 06, 2000, 12:32 PM

Bring on the Perth demoparty!

We'll organise one as a welcome home from Boston thing for you Conor!

Cheers for the Q-Zar and plucker stuff!

Gottas stop using SHIFT-1 so much!!


December 06, 2000, 12:37 PM

Great shots!

Are you warping colours or anything on the girls? What's it all done in? (OGL/DX?)

Anyone out there know what any of the future crew are up to?? Unreal was my favourite demo ever!


December 06, 2000, 12:39 PM

At least THE PARTY or the german MEKKA & SYMPOSIUM are the most important scene parties in the world, these are the places where all the good coders are. Your demo is really bad.. get some good books and learn how to code. By the way.. I thought the "good old times" where bad coders use manga pics to get more attention are over!



December 06, 2000, 12:40 PM

Just a quick flame to myself for not reading the previous post, re: colour effects...

Just found the new definition of pain: sitting on a 28.8 connection, 14.57 megs through the 20 meg download of the Team Arena movie, getting kicked by your isp and realising since last windows install you havent installed getright....


December 06, 2000, 12:45 PM

Loads of top demo coders in england, your obviously not one else you'd know some :D


December 06, 2000, 12:45 PM

Go the positive words of encouragement there crash...

Even if the demo's not up to your standards at least they made the effort.

Daniel Söderberg

December 06, 2000, 01:35 PM

hlOO again! :)

hehe.. yeah.. we think the demo isn't compareable to other demos.. but we still think that it's cool.

Daniel Söderberg

December 06, 2000, 01:43 PM

To Khrob: I think it's fun that you like them.. tnx for that :)

We use opengl.. and i myself coded my part with almost no knowledge on opengl. (i use to code non-hardware accelerated engines.)

The lightthingy is a bunch of standard lights with different attributes that rotates around the picture to make it change colors.

Just mail me if ou wanna know more about it (or any other effect)..

To Crash: And seriously.. i really think it was a little bit unnecessary to have such bad attitude here on flipcode. That estatement was like directly taken from a kindergarden or something. And i think you'r wrong 'bout TheParty and Mekka bein' the "most important" partys in the world. TheParty is nowadays more of a gamers hangout. But yes.. the "good coders" still use to go to thoose places.. i don't think that's the main reason why that party would be the "more important" one.
ps. But hey.. maybe i'm wrong.. maybe isn't so serious as i thought.. then i'm sorry


December 06, 2000, 01:50 PM

Yeah Unreal is THE coolest demo ever made :)
As for the color fading, i "rotate" the color on every corner of the image to give it a strange color effect on the pixels. It must be something with the intensity of the pixels that creates this welcome "bug" that makes it look a bit "3d". (Coded in OpenGL)


First of all i just wanna say what an idiot i think you are.
No really, learn to show respect for others work.
btw, what have you coded? have you even released a iotd here?
I would love to see it.

And remember THIS was coded in a hurry and WITHOUT any planning.
Most of the demo 60-70% was coded in >>>2 DAYS


December 06, 2000, 02:07 PM

HAHA.. 7 years.. not bad.. I am coding for more than 10 years now.
You asked me what I did...
If you would like to know what I did.. look at the result at the

AMIGA INTRO compo TP 94,
AMIGA INTRO compo TP 95,
AMIGA INTRO compo South Sealand Party (94 or 95 I am not sure),
AMIGA DEMO compo 680XX Convention 93
PC DEMO compo TP 99.

These were all NO 1. places.

Furher more there were a lot of other places but I dont remember them all anymore.

well.. want to see a IOTD.. watch 21. January 2000.

Further more I dont like flame wars very much...


Parashar Krishnamachari

December 06, 2000, 04:50 PM

> Anyone out there know what any of the future crew are up to?? Unreal was my favourite
> demo ever!

Hehe... Yeah, Unreal really got me started. I still live for Second Reality. That demo rocked. Whatever happened to design and elegance? Hope this Imagine can do something a little better than what I've seen recently...
As for Future Crew, they are still around in sections... One part of them went on to become Remedy Entertainment -- the guys who wrote "Death Rally", and are working on "Max Payne." If you remember Death Rally -- overhead racing game w/ machine guns & land mines, and upgrade elements, and what not with loads of Purple Motion music... ^_^
The other part is Bitboys Oy -- who are supposed to be working on this video chipset (Glaze3d), which is still very much vaporware. At least their simulation tools are not vaporware, though. But their progress is so slow that they keep having to change the plans repeatedly so they will always have something to kick the crap out of current cards. Their main kick-ass feature is the idea of DRAM on the die w/ the chip.

Jason Kozak

December 06, 2000, 05:05 PM

Flame wars are easy to avoid crash... just don't be an ass. IOTD is not a competition, it's just a place to show off what you're working on, and hopefully get a few helpful comments.

Anyways, nice work there Mace/Volantiz, the "jiggly tunnel" looks pretty cool! (at least to someone who's never coded a demo before ;)


December 06, 2000, 05:10 PM

Hmm, no hard feelings, but this demo is... well... let me call it a "coder demo" :)

You say you have "gfx dewds" in your group, so why not give them more control over the appearance of the demo? Most gfxmen tend to have a much better feeling for colors etc than coders have :)

Really, no hard feelings, but this is a point where I see much potential to get better in your demo :)

-ryg aka fg/farbrausch


December 06, 2000, 07:48 PM

Go for it Khrob :)

When I get back, we'll go to Zone 3 and have a MTD.

Daniel Söderberg

December 06, 2000, 08:59 PM

Jason: tnx for the input.. many of thoose dewds doesn't realize that others have a life outside the democoding.

I myself works as a programmer and system designer, i code drivers and applications + design systems with new wireless stuff that you and the others will se in the next one or two years. I don't really have time for this. BUT i still thinks it's damn fun to code demofx, make music and mostly paint so i took 2 days off for this party and made this together with Mace. (He is also a very busy workaholic ;).
I tell you.. Mace did that tunnel in a couple of minutes.. we know how to code.. we are maybe a bit rusty on the maths.. (the magnet cube took me about 30mins to calc on (yeah.. i was damn tired))
But if we put that much time as crash and his friends (which i knOW that some of them are alot nicer than him.. just wanted to make that clear.. so some demopeople are nice ;) put on a demo.. we could get a couple of our graphicians over here and make a kickass demo. That would be really fun.. but we have more important stuff to do (that includes code games).

ryg: hello there.. and tnx to you to :) And as both me and Mace wrote earlier.. we didn't have time to make any fancy design.. i know design.. i get serious designjobs on my spairtime from _real professional designers_ who wan't _me_ to do stuff for _them_. We c this demo as a "coders demo" just as you wrote. But we had small plans on making it abit better.. but the gfx didn't get there in time.. so i did some painting.. only because of that we lost aLOT of _design stuff_. But it is this kind of input that i wanted when helping mace write down the info 'bout the screenshots. Tnx again :)

OH.. bytheway.. CRASH: your tp99 demo has some terrible bugs on ATI rage cards.. also on S3 cards.. and i get a terrible lag on the startup effy with my GeForce2 GTS card.. (p3-733 with alot of addons ;) .. otherwise i think it's a good demo :) ..only a 3d-engine showing off.. not my style of demo.. but anyway

sry.. i just had to ;) .. i thought this kind of people didn't exist in places like this anymore.. i'm chocked


December 06, 2000, 11:41 PM

*snif* Thanks guys, for giving me a great flashback to my days.

Oh, and a wonderful reminder of why I left.


December 07, 2000, 03:47 AM

heeeey fluffy... whats THAT supposed to mean!? >:)

Daniel Söderberg

December 07, 2000, 05:20 AM

If i'm not wrong.. he got the same "vibes" from the sceners who think they own the scene as i get vERY often. Many sceners have the bad habbit of thinking they are so cool that they can say and do anything they want.. they think everyone looks up to them. I hATE thoose idiots.. It's them who makes the scene die. Fortunately i didn't see so much of that on the partys i wen't to this year.. so i think that many of them has rethought about it.. they have started to act mature. That's why i continue to be a proud "scener".. EVen if this demo wasn't so hype and cool.. i think it was really fun to make.. and some fun stuff in it that gave me and many others some nice ideas on how to make other cool effects. (yeah.. i've heard a couple say it to me).
Message to all sceners: just don't care about the idiots in the scene.. most of all sceners are really nice!! And you should know that!

Fluffy: i really think it's sad that you left the scene.. but i really understand why :) Your welcome back anytime ;)


December 07, 2000, 08:59 AM

We promise to put more time and love on the next demo :)
This one was like a racing game where we started last...
and ended last ;)

Just thought it would be cool to show it to ppl, thats all.
Thinking of calling the next and COOL demo "Crash the looser" >:)

Hehe and whatever you do...
DONT judge our coding skills by this demo!!!
I would send u my 3d engine named Black Arc if i wanted u to do that.

This demo proves that we can FINISH stuff and finish it FAST


December 07, 2000, 09:09 AM

Well this was my first Demo ever.
Im coding 99% 3d stuff nowadays and i am currently
coding a AI for a game company in England.

Saying that i should read a book and learn to code pisses me off!
What youre doing is judging my coding skills by this demo i coded in 2 days... you havent seen my "real" stuff.


Daniel Söderberg

December 07, 2000, 12:05 PM

hehe.. just wanted to make clear that i think mace are wrong on two things..

1) I will never get so low that i make a demo or name a demo after someone that i don't really know.. he might just as well have had a very bad day and was pissed off on everything and everyone.. thoose things happens.. even if i knew he was an idiot on fulltime i wouldnt do that. I make demostuff coz it's so damn fun.. no any other reason!

2) The next demo probably won't be any kickass demo either.. infact probably even worse.. i maybe goin' to release one at theparty.. if i will.. it'll be a quickie too.. and i dunno if someone else has time to help me with it. But i got some gfx now ;) but i still has to do the music. :

oh well.. just so there isn't any misunderstanding :)

"Crash": You really destroys the reputation of your demogroups if you continue like this... if i don't see any more bad comments like that from you i'll forget about this.


/ Volantiz


December 08, 2000, 04:04 AM

Daniel: Speak for yorself!!!! ;)

That crahs named demo was just a joke and I know that I could make i cool demo if i took the time to do it. :P

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