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Submitted by Dominic Morris, posted on November 04, 2000

Image Description, by Dominic Morris

Hi all,
Here's my lil' IOTD. It's my racing game, which I'm thinking of calling XLR8, coz that's good and cheesy... ;-) I'm getting halfway decent framerates (50fps@5000ppf) on Voodoo3, which I'm pretty pleased by. Unfortunately, my geforce2 doesn't want to know about colorkeying, which is a shame...

I've spent quite a bit of time on how it actually feels to 'drive', so if you'd like to download it and give it a go: (there are two versions, one's one player [just OK the initial DirectPlay dialog], the other's a two player TCP/IP version [works over a LAN, game only commences when both players are connected])... oh yeah, be sure to read the readme.txt coz it's got all the keys in it...



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Kurt Miller

November 04, 2000, 02:31 PM

Dom, the screenshot looks interesting, but I wasn't able to get the demo working. It'd load up then freeze everytime I tried. Any suggestions? I tried it with a tnt2, p2-350.

Isaack Rasmussen

November 04, 2000, 03:49 PM


I couldn't get _x6.exe to run, it would start up ask for IP number, and then just stop to react, Taskmanager told me that it was using 96-97% of my processor time, so I presume that it is caught in a dead loop or something. Maybe it was the same problem as Kurt was having.

But I tried x6_1p.exe and it worked, the game ran nicely on my Geforce2 MX, P3-450, Win2K. Min. 33fps and Max. 96fps.
But there was a little problem, from where the Timer was, it would draw a white triangle, sometimes all up to the left corner of the screen other times just a little one.
I took a screengrab,

But why are using ColorKeying? People usually use AlphaBlending instead, which works on much more HW than Colorkeying which is an obsolete feature now.

Sylvain Rochette

November 04, 2000, 04:02 PM

> my geforce2 doesn't want to know about colorkeying

use alpha texture like 5:5:5:1(RGBA) or 8:8:8:8(RGBA) so
you can resolve your problem easyly

Hannu Kankaanpää.

November 04, 2000, 04:23 PM

I hope you didn't copy that name from XL-R8R, which is a MadOnion product ( ;). Well anyway, the shoot looks pretty cool but you might want to make that hud smaller.


November 04, 2000, 05:26 PM

Yeah, sorry guys, _x6.exe has some dodgy code in it... ;-)

I've removed the old zip and replaced it with

I've tested the init. code on 800mhz and 450mhz machines, win2k server, with voodoo3 and geforce2 respectively. Note it's only the one player version now. My record's 36.2 secs for a lap, if anyone's feeling like a challenge!

Actually, I probably want to call it XLR8DeathMatch... (unless that name's taken!)


Isaack Rasmussen

November 04, 2000, 05:56 PM

It looks better now, but what are you doing... resizing the window to something bigger, like 640x480 or going fullscreen makes the performance drop alot! Actually so much that it is unplayable.
With the previous version I could resize as much as I wanted to.

Maybe you could also make the gravity more heavy or accelerating, alot of times I find myself hanging in the air for a long time without being able to do anything.

Dominic, 46.3 secs, was the best I could do... are you using an Autopilot or something :)

But nice work!



November 04, 2000, 07:01 PM

Isaack: I didn't cheat! =)(you've gotta eat all the cherries!) This version has FSAA in. I'll repost one without FSAA @ the same address.

I'm playing with the gravity setting a lot @ the moment... but I quite like it set low like it is; you loose speed as you gain height, so the fastest way round the 'course is at ground level... you've gotta break for a couple of bends. Have you tried Alt+1?


November 05, 2000, 02:07 AM


Don't use color keying. Use a texture with an alpha channel,
for example ARGB1555, and set the alpha test to 0.5 (OpenGL)
or 128 (D3D). Most new cards emulate (poorly) color keying with alpha test anyway... so you might was well do it the right way :)

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