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Submitted by Andrew Welch, posted on November 01, 2000

Image Description, by Andrew Welch

Not too long ago Macromedia Flash 5 came out with a new object oriented, Java-like scripting language. A friend of mine had been doing Flash movies and 3d rendered movies and wanted to add a few games to his site for demo purposes. These are some screenshots from his site. I coded the Pacman game for him over about a week and a half in the evenings. Learning Flash was pretty easy because it is so C/Java like. While "Flashman" is not meant to be an identical copy of one of the most (if not the most) popular games on the planet... it is a pretty good representation... and it's pretty cool to be able to play it online, right in your browser. I modeled the AI after what information I could find on the web about the original, and I think it generally turned out pretty good. The other screenshots are from a version of the pacman game doctored up with new art, and a Donkey Kong-like platform game my friend created (which is pretty hard ;).

If you want to try these games online, you'll need the Flash 5 plugin installed. You can get it here :
(don't ask me why the link says "Flash4" ;)

..and to play the games :

If you have a slower computer, you might want to shrink down the size of your browser window. The games scale automatically.. Sometimes full screen Flash (vector) graphics can slow down.

Andrew Welch

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Steve Williams

November 01, 2000, 02:34 AM

VERY cool! Flash has certainly come a long way. All those games played no problem on this machine (well, it is a PIII-533 :)


November 01, 2000, 09:16 AM

The images sure look cool. Unfortunately, Flash 5 plugin is not (yet) available on Linux so I cannot play it.



November 01, 2000, 09:18 AM

I checked the site,...looks very fresh&nice.
really thought-out-characters and so.

The Wolf

November 01, 2000, 10:26 AM

VERY NICE!!! really high quality! graphics are awesome, I like the Elvis game, but I couldn't win. How do you kill the boss? he keeps throwing these really fast red bubbles, and you harldy have time to prepare for them, you should modify it so that he goes into hand-to-hand combat when you get close to him.

Great job though


November 01, 2000, 11:02 AM

Yeah, this is some nice stuff!
Runs very good on my PIII 500.

Argh!! the kid is dead again! ;)


November 01, 2000, 06:06 PM

Very nice site. Great job on Flash Man.
One thing though, I dont think that in the original, that Pacman stops chomping if there are no dots to chomp. If Im correct, you should still hear him chomping too.

For the Elvis thing, did your friend create the graphics in Flash, or a thirdparty app like photoshop? I like flash, but I think that the tools for graphics creation really suck. Unfortunately when I do my graphics in Adobe, I have to import them and they are not (obviously) vector graphics. Flash will convert them, but not very well.

Great job.


November 01, 2000, 06:26 PM

say, don't you work for ambrosia? that's some good stuff

Andrew Welch

November 01, 2000, 08:54 PM

Thanks for all the nice comments guys! I was suprised how quickly I was able to put together something in Flash. It's pretty cool for prototyping.. and it's easy to port it over to C++ .. of course it has it's fair share of "issues" also ;)

The Wolf:
To kill the boss dude...much like you said, you go to hand-to-hand combat.. except that you have to kick the alien Elvis to win the level. It helps to hang on the ladders inbetween levels to make it over there in time. I believe pressing is the kick attack!

You are correct.. there still needs to be that siren sound when he's moving but not gobbling dots. I couldn't find one so I never added it in ;) Also, he's animating a little slowly because I changed the overall framerate after he was animated. It's not too bad though. As for the graphics, the backgrounds are JPG's because flash bogs down when drawing your sprites on top of "big" vector background image. That's just something we learned through trial and error. Also, you can get more detail in a jpg background and it adds some nice touches.

The animations in FLASHMAN were all created in FLASH.. in the other two games the characters were done in MAYA and posted through PHOTOSHOP(posterize effect) then converted in FLASH to vector.

hehe.. I've gotten that question for about 10 years now ;) I'm the PC game programmer Andrew Welch.. not the MAC/Ambrosia programming legend! Thanks though hehe.

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