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Submitted by Nick Anderson, posted on September 21, 2000

Image Description, by Nick Anderson

I like terrain engines alot and have been inspired by the numerous ways people go about generating 3d worlds.

All the engines shown were written with OpenGL, however, the ICD implementation on my ATI Rage Pro doesn't always give me the results I expect. :)

You can find these screenshots at my web site (, plus downloads including the source code which is there for peoples use under the terms of the GNU public license.

There are alot of buzzwords going around in the 3D engine forums such ROAM etc. though I found the ROAM algorithm to be a bit too complicated to implement easily so in the end I settled for a quadtree algorithm. The screenshot on the top left is from my LOD program which utilises a quadtree style algorithm. There is also a link to a paper on the subject at the relevant page on my site. The program could probably do with geomorphing and some other additions.

Two of the other screenshots (top right and bottom left) are from an engine called Caladan. A terrain engine with tiled textures, rolling oceans and some imported ASC objects. :)

The one on the bottom right is another terrain program that I'm working on.

Nicholas Anderson

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September 21, 2000, 03:03 AM

Hello Nicholas,

So, if I'm correct, you're working on at least TWO landscape engines simultaneously? :) Those are good looking shots, by the way.
I just visited your page, and noticed that you are an artist too. That must be the ideal combination... Wish I could paint like that.

- Jacco.

Ron Bakker

September 21, 2000, 03:14 AM

Right on that Jacco, seems that Nick has been influenced a lot by Mythical stories and the like.
The shots look great by the way. Your texture detail is quite nice.

Keep up te good work (and appearances :~)

- Ron


September 21, 2000, 03:21 AM

Great texturing. The grass/dirt blends great there.
Like your choice of colors (especially the upper-left)
It gives it a fantasy/paradise kinda look.
And those cool skies fits perfectly into the scenery.

Anyway... great job.


September 21, 2000, 03:39 AM

oh wow, i am impressed! well i'm impressed by your paintings on your website. wow!!! if only 3d engines could portray your paintings. the organic feel of it all.

very very cool. currently i just strated to learn 3d programming, and basically my aim is to create a realism like the paintings you have.

as to your terrain engine. its cool, better then anything i could do, which is nothing at the moment ; )
but i like your drawings much better!
: )



September 21, 2000, 03:43 AM

i should add to my last post: by realism, i did not mean photo realistic enviroments, but realism as in you can't help but feel its real even though it doesn't or isn't real. know what i mean?



September 21, 2000, 06:02 AM

Really nice and your site's great too. Your artwork is very nice, especially the more recent images. They look kind of inspired by a combination of Rondey Mathews and Miyazaka Hayo.
You have an excelent appreciation of colour and depth (I like the atmospheric blue in your images) which will serve you very well in graphics programming.
Good luck with your work and keep it up!


September 21, 2000, 08:17 AM

That's funny, I've downloaded your engines last night :)

They look nice!

The Wolf

September 21, 2000, 11:49 AM

love the artwork, the engines look good too, would you consider making artwork for other people? I am opening a site soon and would love to have some nifty artwork. interested?


September 21, 2000, 12:34 PM

hey Ceenda!
Nice work there, heh I went to the website, and the first thing I'm thinking is "hey, I've seen this site before" didn't know you program too :)

(Usually I just lurk on this message board, since uh.... I just model, I don't program)

zed zeek

September 21, 2000, 05:13 PM

just a hint of 19 centery science fiction :)
i liked your artwork very much and the lower right shot of the landscape program. its like what im trying to do. ppl i believe are focusing to much on trying to do something that looks realistic and not so much on something that pleases the eye. nice one mate


September 21, 2000, 06:07 PM

Thankyout to all of you for your kind comments. :)

shahar2k: He he, thanks. Chat to you on sijun.

zed zeek: I am a big fan of 19th century science fiction actually. :)


September 21, 2000, 06:53 PM

The lower right shot could be from a VERY hard hole on a golf-course: All bunker with a patch of green here and there.

I like the purple skies by the way. They remind me of some beautiful sunsets I saw in the past.

Nice work,



September 21, 2000, 08:02 PM

Always been a big fan of your work, I've had the source to all three of your released landscape engines on my hard drive for quite some time. Cool to see some recognition go to you for it! Neat stuff, very simple coding, elegantly done, and very, very fast. Keep on coding! You're certainly starting to master the landscape engine front, IMHO. Heck of a lot better than I could do from scratch.


September 24, 2000, 07:54 AM

Your talking about a ATI Rage Pro ICD, where did you get that driver from?
BTW, you engine looks great!!

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