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Submitted by Lennox Antoine, posted on August 01, 2000

Image Description, by Lennox Antoine

I sent in a pic a while back of my engine in an earlier state. I changed up a couple of things since then. To get more info and a downloadable demo, check out my site :

Lennox Antoine

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August 01, 2000, 01:56 AM

Well done. Everything looks very good, imho. At least it looks like it after coding like a manica till 9AM ;)

Keep up on the good job.

MasterBoy / Issue


August 01, 2000, 02:41 AM

Is that a giant as the top-left image?
Would be cool to team up and fight one of those :-)

I like the lower-left image with the big mountain in the background.
The cloud layer fits perfect into that one.

Albert Sandberg

August 01, 2000, 03:05 AM

A personal note.

IMO I think to "sharp" hills makes the rendering more unbeleivable. During thousend of years, rain, dust and snow has flatten out the mountains, so basicly, if you do the heightfield a little bit more smoother, I think you will experience a whole new feeling to your rendering output.

Just my $0.2


August 01, 2000, 04:16 AM

Didn't Spawn loose his powers to The Violator? So how come he's that tall?
Personally, I think the spikey hills fits the scene.


August 01, 2000, 09:49 AM

Never been to Utah have ya Albert?
Also lava rock can form hills that are quite spikey like that.

Tristan Leichsenring

August 01, 2000, 04:07 PM

It wasn't Spawn who lost his powers but Violator/Clown himself...
Errr... Kind of a spawn fan so... ;)


August 01, 2000, 05:14 PM

Very nice. I think this can be a really good engine! You can start making games with it soon.

JKust two notes that might help:
Are you sure you want those spiked mountains, or you cannot help it?
You have a very nice evening effect, especially in the bottom left image. And the fog/low clouds really look nice. But: they are white, of course... and if you have too much it begins to look more like day (lower right image). Instead, be sure to also include a black or very dark sky... a sky box. That way it will look like a cool white mist :)


PS: Who's the violator? hehehe...

"What direction you should go in depends very much on where you want to end up." - a famous cat :)


August 01, 2000, 06:37 PM

Uh, Mace.... I think they call that game Giants.... Anyway, nice screenshots. I'm gonna have to check out the demo.


August 01, 2000, 06:40 PM

But Spawn "lent" his power to the clown in a promise he'd return it immediately, didn't he? And that's how far I've come...:-(

Anyway, those spikey mountains sure are the doings of Spawn. Battered terrain, that's what it is!

Tristan Leichsenring

August 01, 2000, 07:04 PM

Don't know what you're talking about Mice. Haven't read this in any of the comics, and I've been reading them for some time now.
Voilator & Spawn got in a battle and Malbolgia didn't like this so he took away Violators powers... and then errr... this is becoming of topic isn't it? ;)


August 01, 2000, 07:23 PM

Looks great!

Nice work, how about some vehicles and planes which you could jump in? ;)

"Blessed are the cheese makers..." - Life of Brian

Luke Phillips

August 01, 2000, 07:40 PM

Personally, I like the spiky mountains. They make the terrain look harsh (which is appropriate when it is populated by spiky guys). The mist and large mountains give a good ominous feeling. Good work!


August 01, 2000, 07:45 PM

Yo, this is the xonnel guy. Thx alot for the replies, and for the spawn people...I have only seen the spawn movie so I know nothing. I chose sharp hills for a technology demonstration purpose. Most lod algorithms I see can't really handle sharp surfaces too good. I just wanted to show that my algorith takes all this into account. By the way, it is really unoptimized and I have made a lot of improvements over the past few days. I am working on an even better technology demo taking all your ideas into account. Thx alot again.


August 03, 2000, 01:30 AM

Good job on the engine. First, this is a programming demonstration, not a Spawn critique site, but oh well, he he he :-) Also, it is pretty kool with the spikey mountains, desipite erosion, because it does show nice flexibility with the engine. Good job also on the background, the color of the clouds is unimportant, as mentioned by someone, because that can be easily variable, if not already. Kool level too, Post-Apocalyptic Motor-Cross Madness look! :-) he he he, kill the Dirt-Bikers!!! Well, now I am just rambling, so anyways, good job!

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