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Submitted by Nathaniel Saint Martin, posted on July 30, 2000

Image Description, by Nathaniel Saint Martin

This is just a attempt for create solid texturing from famouse Perlin noise function. The engine is a hierarchical OBB culling/sorting with (currently disable) vertex gouraud shading and shadowing.

Each face you can see have a texture (64x64) which is calculate once : the first time when face was visible.

Currently, I have few materials : 'blue-marble' (from Perlin), 'standard' wood implementation (from Perlin too), a bugged checker and a 'sphere' material... so if you know some others procedural texture algorythms, don't hesitate to send it ;)

You can get Dx7 binaries at

A bientôt...

Nathaniel 'NooTe' Saint Martin
From Paris, France

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July 30, 2000, 10:27 AM

Good job!

You can un-"bugger" your checkerboard by changing the logic to:

public int getPixel(double u, double v)
if ( (((int)(Math.abs(u) + 0.5) +
(int)(Math.abs(v) + 0.5)) & 1) == 0){
return pixel1;
} else {
return pixel2;


Where u, v are texture coordinates and pixel1 and pixel2 are your two colors. For solid (3d) texture, just add a 'w' component to the above algorithm.

Simple directional shading will make the edges of the cubes look nicer by differentiating where one side ends and the next begins.


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