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Submitted by Tom Nuydens, posted on July 22, 2000

Image Description, by Tom Nuydens

This screenshot was taken from "Pokemon Hunter", a little arcade game that I wrote as an antidote to the Pokemon hype. The game features all your favorite Pokemon, placed at the receiving end of a big, nasty gun. From the technological point of view, the game is nothing special. The sprite graphics were done using OpenGL, and particle systems were used to render blood spats and shotgun pellets. The Bass audio API was used for sound effects and background music. I wonder if there's a safe way to distribute this game without getting sued by Nintendo?

Tom Nuydens
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July 22, 2000, 12:47 AM

I'd just like to say: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! looks great, actually. Why not just make it freeware, you shouldn't get sued then. Plus, then I can play this game without paying any money! ;)

Michael Edey

July 22, 2000, 01:43 AM

Man reminds me of the "Barney Doom Mod". God that was fun.

"Sprint 'fly rocks.", M.E.

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July 22, 2000, 02:48 AM

"Why not just make it freeware, you shouldn't get sued then"

They could sue, even if it's freeware. Whether or not they will is another issue.


Kurt Miller

July 22, 2000, 03:14 AM

Maybe you should ask them if they're interested in publishing it >=]
Looks great btw...

Johan Glysing

July 22, 2000, 04:29 AM

Could be the next billion dollar game idea of Nintendo.
When kids have grown tired of collecting pokemons...
Slaughter all of them!!!!

Joeri Capens

July 22, 2000, 06:56 AM

Really funny game, but don't distribute it. All the pokemon pictures are protected by copyright, so they'll sue you when you make a game with their characters.

I've programmed a game for the Psion 3x pocket computer, which was a copy of the Worms Armageddon game by Team17. I wasn' allowed to put the program on the internet, even if it was for free and I made a lot of advertisement for the real game. and for a bit more info

Phil Carlisle

July 22, 2000, 10:47 AM


Be fair, with games companies going out of business all the time, dont you think its right that they should protect thier assets (i.e. games)

The point that you make about advertising the game doesnt help really, because by association you will get linked with the worms name..

I am not saying its fair, but in this harsh market, I dont think there is any other choice.

Now if you'd done it with pigs, or gorilla's.. then maybe it would be ok?


btw: I work for T17, but dont necassarily agree with them.


July 22, 2000, 06:08 PM

If you draw your own artwork and release the game as 'parody', then you have a legal leg to stand on. However, Nontendo's lawyers are probably better than yours. All they can really legally do against parody (AFAIK, IANAL) is slap you with a cease-and-decist though, and even if you comply, this will undoubtedly be all over the Internet by then. :)


July 22, 2000, 07:18 PM

Seen as worms was merely a rip off of a plethora of scorch games (I'll admit, Armageddon is pretty slick)
it seems a bit harsh to try and claim to have "invented" the genre.
Try using a different type of creature or maybe some different weapons. Hey, Gremlin did it with Hogs of
War. (How long Gremlin^H^H^H^H^H^H^HInfogrames Sheffield get away with it is another matter :)

John van der Burg

July 22, 2000, 07:42 PM

Haha looks cewl! :)
Why not release it under some silly name, so without stating your real name etc. And freeware, then they won't get ya :)


July 22, 2000, 08:40 PM

Hehe. You can call the game "Smok-e-mon"...


July 22, 2000, 10:41 PM

Yup, releasing it under a pseudonym would have definitely been the best thing (haven't we all done this ???) ... unfortuneately the trail to you is a bit obvious by now :) . The other thing you could do is release it as open source.. the graphics are the only thing that are copyrighted.. and you might be able to see your way that 'somehow' they fall into the public domain.

Looks great btw. ;)


July 27, 2000, 11:14 PM

HA HA, you small minded people. Don't you realize that Pikachu cannot be defeated with an ordinary weapon? He is too magical and appears all over the world =|

Is it even a he?
Does it even have a personality?
Do people over 10 actually like pokemon?
All this and more will be answered... stay tuned for the full game lol


"What direction you should go in depends very much on where you want to end up." - a famous cat :)


July 27, 2000, 11:17 PM

Hey, can you make realistic death scenes like those in soldier of fortune? The first pokemon thing rated R hehe
I want to see picachu's head get blown off... along with those other weird pokemon that are actually alive

Though how do you make realistic death scenes for imaginary characters? hehehe


"What direction you should go in depends very much on where you want to end up." - a famous cat :)

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