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Submitted by Ilian Stoianov, posted on June 21, 2000

Image Description, by Ilian Stoianov

- real-time
- light maps
- bump maps
- vertex lighting
- ray traced terrain
- an my old work dated 1998
- that's all


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Archive Notice: This thread is old and no longer active. It is here for reference purposes. This thread was created on an older version of the flipcode forums, before the site closed in 2005. Please keep that in mind as you view this thread, as many of the topics and opinions may be outdated.

June 21, 2000, 01:12 PM


your description says the terrain is ray-traced? Can you expand on that? Does that mean the image you posted is a raytraced heightmap, or is it constructed from polygons? Does the image come from a realtime simulation? Do you intend to post a webpage providing more detail?



June 21, 2000, 03:18 PM

I'm guessing that by ray traced, he means pre-computing the lighting using a ray tracing, since it doesn't make too much sense to use lightmaps when the image is generated using a ray tracer.



June 21, 2000, 04:27 PM

Actually, I think he means a raytraced voxel. Although it looks a bit poly-ish :)



June 22, 2000, 06:13 AM

He may use raytracing to do vis checking for the landscape polygons.

Alex Taylor

June 23, 2000, 03:01 AM

He's says he uses lightmaps and vertex lighting - possible yes, likely no.


June 27, 2000, 11:45 AM

ops, I missed my IOTD, working at our last (hunting :)) game

- it is real-time simulation... ie. you can fly above terrain etc.

- it is fully polygonal - no voxels :)

- ray-tracing is used when terrain data is prepaing - I use a kind of ray-traced height field

- light-maps are pregenerated by ray-tracing & material applying

- bump mapping is a just a kind of normal map applied by texture modulation

- it uses a kind of projective view-frame oclussion algorithm

- feel free to send me emails if you have more questions

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