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Submitted by Fabian Roeken, posted on June 09, 2000

Image Description, by Fabian Roeken

Originally, we intended to post a nice outdoor terrain screenshot here... but then, we decided to do something else with our Bezier Patch renderer.

The screenshot shows both Bezier Patches and CSG-generated geometry, with the patches being dynamically tesselated in run-time. Some of the patches are visually enhanced with real-time specularity; all the surfaces are light-mapped using radiosity computations. The tentacles in the background on the right side of the screen are sets of keyframe-animated Bezier patches.

The nice thing about Bezier patches is that they can be adaptively tesselated - thus, the scene shown in the screenshot runs smoothly even on a Voodoo Banshee :).

Now, I wonder how long it will take until somebody comes up with a Bezier-based Terrain renderer ;).

For more screenshots, visit the Vulpine home page:

Image of the Day Gallery


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June 09, 2000, 06:03 AM

Hmmm...Not my favorite...Too many edges...

Alex J. Champandard

June 09, 2000, 06:27 AM

i don't personally think beziers are the ideal way to go for landscapes...


June 09, 2000, 06:58 AM

I'd say that landscape thing was a joke :)
And of course there's edges! Just try to count the number of faces in that pic! Thousands of them already. There's somethings you just can't do real-time yet.

Those shots look very good. Specially those tentacles with specularity. They had even real shadows in some pics. And true mirrors(I guess). I would like to see that engine running in live ;)

The atmosphere is quite dark, but, that hasn't nothing to do with the engine itself, right?

Keep up the good work - you got a nice vision there ;)


June 09, 2000, 12:57 PM

Vulpine Engine. The bezier patches, radiosity, and specularity make the screen shot look really nice. The scene is an interesting half-life looking shot (like it came from Half-Life for some reason).

For all the hardcore s--- vulpine has been talking (about being state of the art and on the bleeding edge of graphics tech) i personally expected a little more. Go to their website and you'll see what i mean. They talk more hype than any other graphics company i know of.

Is this really the limit of an 3d engines at this time?

Of all the things i've lost, i miss my mind the most.

-Ozzy Ozborne


June 09, 2000, 03:44 PM

To Kurt,

Before you changed the layout of IOTD (and added the messageboard part to it :),
there was a button to see the previous IOTD.
Is it possible to put such a button on this page again?
It was very handy if you missed some IOTDs.
Or is there another way to see the previous ones?

Thanks in advance,


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June 09, 2000, 03:47 PM

Now there's an IOTD gallery; you can access it by clicking on "Image of the Day Gallery" under the thumbnail of the IOTD on the main page.



June 10, 2000, 08:36 AM

I think beziers look pretty good for landscapes. If you've seen Brian Sharp's bezier terrain demo and docs they're pretty impressive. The advantage is really that they do "infinite detail", they're fairly fast and can do LOD easily and quickly. I dunno if there's anything that would be a worthy replacement.

I was thinking about making bezier surfaces a bit "rougher" when you get up close, with some kind of perlin function. Wouldn't exactly be quick though...

- chamber

Oliver Batchelor

June 11, 2000, 02:29 AM

Anyone have any info to where I might find info on beizers
for curved surfaces,

I am making a landscape outa polygons at the moment
but if I can turn it somehow into curved surfaces....
I am using a voodoo banshee so....


Marco Al

June 11, 2000, 03:25 AM

Oliver, look a little harder next time... I doubt theres too many Brian Sharp's around the net, and his homepage was even linked on flipcode in the "latest additions to the link section" yesterday :)

Anyway check

He has source code and pdf's of his article's.



June 11, 2000, 05:34 PM

Congrats on the nice screenshot, but agreeably, it is over-hyped: the technology they're talking about is relatively simple. I've spoken to many people about this and they too get annoyed about the big mouth attitude.

I'm not entirely convinced about bezier patches for landscapes though, they're very easy to get up and running but they're not a complete solution. Instead, start with Seamus McNally's page ( and an entirely suitable world of algorithms will open up to you. Who knows, you might even find a way to mix them (like, try moving from the Shire to the Misty Mountains! :).

If you're interested, I knocked up a bezier landscape in a couple of days - don't believe the hype, it is not advanced technology, just basic maths. The program is at and the source code is

Oh, and, hi Ben :)


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