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September 30, 2012, 07:53 PM

So, I'm slowly working on a new game, though I haven't quite settled on what it will be yet. For the time being I've been building up some engine features, namely, I've started work on an integrated editor. Eventually I'll be to the point where I have to start focusing, but that's not quite here yet.

It's nothing to look at yet, but if you have any interest in following a project from its inception, have a look. It should eventually turn into something half-way interesting :] If you don't find it interesting, you may at least enjoy some of the other devlogs that I link to.

My previous games used custom editors for the game data. Always knowing that I have to write an editor to make anything interesting keeps me from getting too far into a particular project. Therefore my goal here is to build a generic integrated editor that can be used as a framework for any game I might want to make.

I think once I get my current goal finished I'll make a video devlog to show the functionality. I also have some ideas of what the project will be, but since I'm not ready to commit yet, I'll keep it to myself for the time being.

Thanks for reading :)

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