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Archive Notice: This thread is old and no longer active. It is here for reference purposes. This thread was created on an older version of the flipcode forums, before the site closed in 2005. Please keep that in mind as you view this thread, as many of the topics and opinions may be outdated.

November 30, 2004, 11:25 AM

This is my game idea, it's gonna be my first game to market. Rate it from 0-10 on how you like the idea of this..

I've been compiling a bunch of ideas for a virtual pet game. I know alot of them aren't really good, but I figured out a way to make it fun. It'll be an RPG Adventure game, where you have a cat with you, named Rea, and you feed her to keep her going on to play the quest.

If she's low on hunger, she'll stop and will be re-sent to your house again, so you have to take care of her as you battle to finish a dungeon and what-not.

There'll even be side-quests allowing furniture and other trinkets to decorate your house, plus you'll be able to make mini-hideouts in little grotto's along the way, which the main part of the hideouts will feature a warp-pad to allow easy access to go back home.

There'll be items you can get that do various things, a magic feather will give Rea wings to run faster and jump higher. There'll be magic headbands which allow elemental powers which'll each have 2 functions. Example, the fire headband will allow Rea to blow flames, and create a lava erruption underneath surrounding enemies, each will use a large amount of magic.

The main story is that you get the cat from a small shrine in a forest, where, apperently, her mother died from whatever, and you find her behind the rocks that surround it, and later shows that she's the legendary cat, and you're part of the story.

This also allows the player to choose a character of their gender. The main character is a non-specific gender, but it's supposed to be the female character.

The idea of the adventure starting will just be you taking care of the cat, then after a few "months" (which'll be scripted for after you get to a certain task), you'll hear about a guy who has taken lead of going to this "forbidden" forest, which'll be taled as a place where evil has been locked away. Whichever gender you chose for the main character, the opposite will be the antagonist, whome gets posessed by the key that opened the gate to the evil realm, and you have to battle him/her later to free them from their own curse.

Oh, your cat is the one you opperate, the only time you'll see your character is when you interact to feed, play, or groom the cat, where you're character comes in off-screen from the bottom, and leaves after to the bottom side again when finished caring the cat.

The cat won't die, of course, and in that case, since you can't reach the shops, you can then use a cellphone, which'll be active when the game begins, to order some food, if you're low in stock. This can be used any time elsewhere aswell..

you take care of the cat, but the main idea of it is the guy getting posessed because he/she went into the forest because they don't believe of the town's history.

In the main map, you start in a quaint little town where ancient history states of the evil that was around when they discovered the land they had to seal it all up, instead of destroying it, because they couldn't find any other way to bring peace to the foreign plains.

The story goes further back, in the creation of the earth, the dark god, Shizuru, was sealed in the center of the planet so that, when the planet was first created by the holy god, Azaro, there was enough good to form life.

After people risided life there, there was only a peice of land left during all of the migrations to find suited homes for homelands. Since the land was un-claimed during this time, as Shizuru broke a portal to that land, she sent her underworld creatures she created herself into that land, and build up to her own nation.

That's when it goes to tale on how the people went there, unknowing of the dangers, then tried to fight them off, sending someone with a note warning their homeland of the dangers on the land. This is when a high priest went over, and when the evil was lowered enough, he opened the seal to close them in, in a dimension that's empty, neither to Azaro or Shizuru.

That's where it comes from, and you get to interact with the character before you find out that he/she becomes the antagonist, which, during the time as you can chat with him/her during your run-around in your village, you can figure out that your friend doesn't agree with the legend, however, it's like 'dropping hints' along the way.

The part about the cat is simply this, the reason that made the sealing of the evil easier was a tale of Azaro's lynx, which came down, image this cat being as huge as the sky, and fought of most of the evil. Basically, Rea's the reincarnation of Azaro's lynx, and you can guess your character is the chosen one to guide Rea, which later find out Azaro appointed you herself..

In the case that the character is low on sheers (form of money), and the cat is stopped where she needs food an automatic free 10 sheers is given to buy 1 fish, which will be the cheapest thing to buy..

The idea of the character getting posessed is by Shizuru choosing your friend to mind control, by making him/her disbelieve the story about that, and getting them to open the seal. Your friend is full of good intentions, as good as any simple-minded folk in the village, but they're under mind control after you complete the 4th task you have to do.

The tasks will be for the main character's mother, and other things, where you're trying to obtain acouple of items along the way. You obtain a knife for cutting grass, which will be during a task, and you'll still be Rea, but as Rea, Rea points to the spot to cut grass, which will be a mini-game afterwards. The knife is necessary later for making the mini-hideouts later on. The warp-pad will be an item after completing a side-quest when you access a certain village.

The tasks are for gaining sheers because your character is saving up to buy a piano. Funny part is, that you won't be able to get the piano until later on in the game, but after you're finished the tasks for the 2 'months', which will be sequenced into the game, the news about the guy going into the forest will be spread into a village panic.

(the piano is 5000 sheers, your character only starts with 2 digits, allowing a maximum of 99 sheers for starters.)


November 30, 2004, 11:59 AM



November 30, 2004, 12:06 PM

The CAT doesn't use the cellphone, you, the main character does. To make it obvious, the start menu shows a selection "Cellphone", your character avatar shows up while the phone rings, and you're the one that calls. Everything done through the start menu to care for the cat is done by the character, not the cat. The cat leads around, plus fights the battles, but it's out of the caretaker's perspective..


December 01, 2004, 12:54 AM

how do you plan to actually make this?

Jari Komppa

December 01, 2004, 01:39 AM

If you wish someone to rate your idea, you might wish to explain it in a slightly different ways.

Nobody really cares about the motivation of evil gods, the name of your currency or how much a piano costs. If you drop all that fluff from the description, someone might get a clearer image on what you're trying to accomplish.

From a quick glance, I get the following:

You want to make a somewhat standard console RPG where you play a character with a cat, which is a nuissance since every time you forget to feed it, you jump back to the beginning. The cat does get more abilities as the game goes on, so it's not so much of a nuissance, and at some predermined point you don't control your character anymore, but the cat.

After that, it gets somewhat confusing.


December 01, 2004, 12:27 PM

Yeah, I noticed that point, so I've actually changed it to this:

You control the person, and the cat follows you. Except when you get into a dungeon, your character follows the cat, and you control the cat during this point.

Okay, so instead of it going back home, it'll just stop completely, so you can't continue without caring for your cat. This also includes if it's happiness has gone down too.

By any point your cat stops, and you have less money than 20 sheers, you're automatically given 20 more sheers. So, this allows you to buy things necessary to continue.

Potions for magic and health will be 15 sheers each, and the potion for both will cost 25 sheers. Also, the hunger and happiness will go down 1 point every 5 seconds as you play, pausing or bringing up the menu will stop the hunger and happiness meter from decreasing then.

The meters will lower slowly, allowing at least more gameplay then having to care the cat all the time. When whichever meter lowers first to the end, the cat stop, and the opposite meter will continue to drop, since being hungry will make it unhappy, and being unhappy, it'll still get hungry.

This will work, not impossible. Plus, I'll give a sketch I'll take a picture of of what it will look like later.


December 01, 2004, 12:36 PM

I might just make you control the cat with the character following, because it is your cat that's fighting. You're controlling the cat most of the time, since Rea's the one who's fighting.

Also, to not leave your character out, your character will do stuff where it shows that you still have the say in it. You're the character, but without controlling Rea, it's left out that you can't control Rea to fight anymore.

Unless, of course, I make the battles 'random' making it shift to a battle scene, but then it leaves out the ideas that the items do.

How about this, you can choose to switch the controls, then you can choose if you want your character to fight. This makes it obvious you're the main character, because you need to be the person to talk to people.

To do anything else, unless you want to use the knife to fight certain creatures, then the cat is available to use later on. Whichever character in your control is attacked, the main health meter drops, and even the cat takes the damage. When you lose all of the health, it'll show both you and the cat down, then sent back to the hospital back in the last town you were at.

Does this sound better?


December 02, 2004, 04:03 AM

if you taught the cat to use cellphone you wouldn't need the character at all, but well then there would be no need for piano either unless you sold small cat-sized pianos. but I think 5000 sheers is too much for a small piano. how much does the calling with the cellphone cost?


December 02, 2004, 12:30 PM

The cellphone is given to you by your mother at the start, the cat can't use the cellphone if it's unowned, and the piano isn't small, it'll fit into the room so you can select to play it with the keys on the keyboard, and the cat will jump from key-to-key..


December 02, 2004, 12:37 PM

I could run the price to 1500 sheers, because it's near to the price of furniture. Anyhow, this would be all done during the making of the game, so things will change..

Otherwise, I've been doing the room ideas in the layouts I've been sketching, so all I'm worried about is getting a working computer to run the game design program.

The piano will be part of a mini-game, see how many notes you can hit before you miss one, a follow-play idea.

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